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Twenty Weight Loss Tips for 2014… To Infinity and Beyond!

1. Its not about a weight loss program… – its about fat loss for personal fitness, personal health and self love. Chances are if you are Googling weight loss, you’re just a tad frustrated with status quo.
2. Skip the fad diets, weight loss foods, lose weight fast programs, exercise gadgets, weight loss supplements, focus on redesigning your life and finding true love within yourself. Its not a “diet plan” its a life plan.

3. It is NOT about going to the gym X number of times per week. It is about physical activity, exercise and training… what you love and what we can fit into your schedule. If you think “No time” is a reason for no exercise, no offence but you don’t know what exercise is.
4. Wear a pedometer… the simplest way to boost your health… the truth serum of activity
5. Setting DEEP goals and incentives. No “I have to lose weight for the wedding”. Real deep, goals that require serious, intrusive self discovery.
We don’t “find ourselves” in life… we create ourselves… create, hone, create hone…
6. ALWAYS think of your kids, family… that’s focus!
7. We are our children’s #1 role model & mentor – for better or worse.
8. If you are feeling tortured or deprived… keep searching
9. Make sure your Gastrointestinal health is optimized… not about popping supplements! Belly fat is very complex!
10. Its not just about the scale… wear fitting clothes, use a tape measure
11. Blood work: I happen to believe the most meaningful encouraging reward of all: get a blood test now, and after 6 months of your “love your life” program – retest. Wowww!
12. Journal – self diarize… its not just about food and exercise… don’t forget the Kudos column!
13. This is truly the hardest part: Analyze your eating habits, patterns, timing, triggers, food choices… not an easy process to open up with ourselves
14. Comfort foods are a must and fact of reality – Let’s find ones that comfort your mood and comfort your health
15. Analyze friendships… the very best way to show love for another is by contributing to their health… are they looking to contribute to your health or a partner in crime?
16. Alcohol… empty calories that contribute nothing positive to your health or nutrition, cause the body to store fat, and cause us to drunk drive, and drunken eating binges!
17. Make it real… real, realistic you… its not about trying to be a Hollywood icon. Celebrate yourself
18. Look at your love yourself program as your fat loss, anti aging, beauty secrets, brain building opportunity. Welcome challenges as an opportunity to conquer!
19. Learn to identify and be acutely aware of physiological changes and rewards: energy, focus, mood, self pride…
20. Hire a health coach, not strictly a personal trainer. A health coach is well seasoned in addressing collectively your health risks. By taking an integrated approach to a higher health and fitness level, you will feel more empowered, and reap the rewards of stronger physiological rewards, to keep you faithful and in love. Divide & conquer your inner saboteurs, allowing your healthiest, happiest you to rise to power!
Shira Litwack, Medical Fitness Professional… proud creator of thousands of health enthusiasts & corporate health cultures world wide…
Personal & Telephonic/Skype Health Coaching, Lifestyle & Weight Management Health Coach,Fitness & Nutrition for chronic illness recovery & self empowerment, addiction recovery
Radio Talk Show Host/Producer bestinhealthradio
Cancerfitcare Provider & Regional Director

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