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Vibration Plate: The Extraordinary Benefits

You may have seen new shops and salons popping up in your town, or perhaps you’ve tried this piece of fitness equipment out for yourself. Vibration plates are sweeping the nation; people are literally shaking with excitement at the prospect of being able to tone up without breaking into a sweat. But, many people might be wondering how these revolutionary pieces of exercise equipment actually work.

 These new pieces of sweat-free equipment almost seem too good to be true: users can see faster results in comparison to customary workouts and increase the amount of calories burnt in a shorter amount of time. You can even top up your tan whilst you shake your body into shape with certain tanning salons incoroporating specialised plates into their sunbeds. Yes, it certainly does seem too good to be true.

But, for all the cynics out there, this miracle gyrating machine is returning some extraordinary results, as reported by users and companies reviewing the effectiveness of vibration plates. When used correctly, this equipment works by vigorously vibrating the muscles of the body, causing them to constantly contract and relax several times per second. The rapid vibrations work muscles that are tricky to target when carrying out conventional exercise – all at once. Extensive studies have also shown that regular, correct use of vibration plates can help increase bone density and encourage bone regeneration – a breakthrough discovery in regards to osteoporosis treatment.

The medical benefits of vibration plate regimes have also been recognised by NASA as a potential combatant against muscle and bone degeneration in astronauts. Due to a lack of gravity, and therefore lack of normal body weight resistance on muscles, astronauts experience a rapid deterioration in muscle mass and bone density. In an attempt to alleviate the effects somewhat, astronauts in space are required to exercise for 2 hours every day.
This laborious routine still does little to prevent extensive bone and tissue reduction. Although studies are in the early stages, it is theorised that spending 10-20 minutes each day on a vibration plate could improve bone density for suffers of osteoporosis and significantly reduce atrophy of the muscles and bones for astronauts.

These vibration plates are not only for the exercise-shy and sweat-phobes, there are a multitude of exercises that can be carried out if you would rather not stand still. Many regular floor exercises, such as push-ups, squats and lunges can all be carried out whilst using these machines – these exercises will be intensified due to the vibrating technology as discussed.

Written by Rebecca Bennett
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