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Let’s Burn Some Calories!

I see this mistake all the time; people wonder why their hard work isn’t yielding results. You have to understand your body’s caloric needs, and respond accordingly! The science is solid: to gain weight, consume more calories than you burn. To lose weight, burn more than you consume. It really is this simple.

Factoring every daily activity into your schedule and diet plan may seem like overkill- it’s not. Failing to account for something as small as a protein bar can have a huge impact over the course of several days. The difference between gaining and losing weight is only around 600 calories!

Okay, so now you know why it’s so important to stay on top of things. You’ve figured out how much you need to consume, but now there’s just one problem: how many calories are burned lifting weights? It’s definitely a good question, and one that depends on the person. How much energy you spend also depends on how intense your workouts are.

Sprinting is going to be more intensive than jogging – common sense. Generally, I expect to use around 500-700 calories per workout session. However, I train with a high intensity schedule that incorporates lots of volume. Your needs are probably different.

That is alright though! Regardless of how hard you train and what body type you fit into, there’s a simple and easy way to determine how many calories you need daily. Eat the same amount of calories every day for a week, say 2,500. If you have neither gained nor lost weight at the end of the week, you know your calorie maintenance is at 2,500. That means to lose weight, try to get in about 2,200. To put on muscle, eat around 2,800.

You will have to experiment to learn how many calories your body needs. The number one goal is to become more comfortable with knowing how your body responds. Calories aren’t the only important thing to consider. You also need to get in enough protein.

Aim to get in at least 1.5g of protein per pound of body weight. Chicken is a great protein source that isn’t heavy on the calories- it’s perfect for feeding your body when you’re trying to lose weight. On the flip side, red meats such as beef and pork are great high-calorie protein sources for those trying to pack on muscle.

Getting started on your own is tough. Knowing how to interpret everything you hear and then put it into action can seem daunting- especially when this is all new. Visit for free coaching and personalized nutrition advice!

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Why You May Need A Protein Supplement To Lose Weight

By Judy Sullivan

You need a protein supplement to lose weight, nutritional experts now claim. While opinion may still be divided regarding the adoption of this measure, the arguments advanced are quite convincing. The proponents advise that taking supplements alongside the other commonly used weight loss plans greatly increases the chances of success. The proteins are said to increase muscle gain at the expense of fat which is what we all desire in the end. So, are these claims really true and are there any risks involved?Proteins form an integral part of balanced diets. They help in facilitating wound healing and in building muscle mass. Important sources include meat, dairy products, fish, soy, turkey and eggs among others. The recommended daily intake is 70 grams and this can easily be achieved with an average diet. Surpluses are used to synthesize energy that is stored as fat in various tissues. This is what you are trying to avoid.
Commonly used supplements exist as whey powder. The powder is usually added to the food in moderate amounts. Whey has a high potential to reduce the appetite of virtually all foods groups. Reduced food consumption is one of the most important steps required for a successful weight loss program. Apart from reducing appetite, users also experience early satiety and are contended with just enough portions of food.

Commitment is an important attribute that one will need to have if their plan is to succeed. It is important to be cautious not to go back to the unhealthy habits even when you start to see improvements. At the same time, the other parts of the program must also be treated with the seriousness they deserve because they all work together. Physical exercise must be undertaken on a regular basis and foods should be chosen in accordance with the advice of the nutritionist.

There are many advantages of choosing whey shakes. One of them is the fact that they are cheap and readily available. They can be mixed with almost any food type because they are sweetened and flavoured. They are associated with several disadvantages though. One of them is that when used for prolonged periods of time, they predispose to conditions such as heart disease, renal disease and diverticulitis.

The effectiveness of this therapy is widely variable and is largely dependent on how well other measures are implemented. Some people experience a dramatic change in a short while others have to wait for a prolonged period of time to notice any positive change. Others do not notice any change at all. If the method fails to work do not panic but seek help.

Even as you use this therapy, make sure that you do not forget about the other food groups. A balanced diet is important regardless of what you weigh. If you cut on the other foods, you increase your risk for nutritional deficiencies.

You need to consider much more than the price if you need protein supplement to lose weight. The quality of the product is what should guide you. Usually, the components of any product are put on the description sheet. Ensure that you identify this description and read through it. If you have doubts about what you are about to buy, you should consult your nutritionist.

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