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The Perfect Diet to Stay Young

To stay young, you have to keep in mind that when we age, the daily calorie needs decrease. This makes it much more essential to call your diet foods full of nutrients, low in calories (for example fruits, vegetables, whole grains…) and limit consumption of small pleasures much less healthy, extra rich in calories (like dairy products not low-fat and sugary desserts).

Antioxidants are one of the key that leads to the fountain of youth, these kinds of elements can be found in plant-based foods so they preserve health simply because they diminish the degradation of body cells. But good drinks and milk products also act in this direction.

So what are an ideal choices?

Some of the best foods that will help you stay young:

1. Green vegetables
Remember spinach, kale and broccoli. More color of the vegetable is deep, the better it will be for health says Caryn J. Roll, Montreal dietitian Nutrition. “The dark vegetables are full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that help construct and restore our cells”.
However the vegetables are not suitable for everyone’s taste so you needs to be innovative. Mix them with foods you like; add thinly chopped broccoli florets to a cold pasta salad, or add cooked and cooled spinach to your next recipe hamburger. Add to the test vegetables that you’ve never eaten to discover a new you like, such as crucifers.

2. Whole grains
Some new flavors obtaining popularity as wolfberry juice or pomegranate but some anti aging food groups remain unavoidable and it is the case of whole grains. They contain a ton of anti aging elements such as fiber, protein and iron. As well as, they are the perfect alternative to refined carbs. “Stay away from white foods containing simple carbohydrates like pasta, rice and bread, indicates Ms. Roll.” These kinds of simple carbs are sugars and that too much sugar causes heart disease, overweight and poor physical health, which helps you to age.

3. Water
The body consists of 70% water and drink keeps us fresh and hydrated. Dehydrated skin a fatigued and rough look. If you want to have a non-caloric solution to quench thirst, take a glass of water instead of coffee or a low-calorie soda and you can look younger. Skin hydrated, she continued, has a pure, clean and more fresh appearance.

4. Fish
Fish are a rich source of important fatty acids omega-3, which help protect against cholesterol build up in the arteries and protect arrhythmia (abnormal heart rhythm).

5. Black tea
This kind of tea contains a lot of an anti-oxidant called “theaflavin.” The black tea can help prevent cancer of the stomach, prostate and breast.

6. Soy milk
Successfully prevents the appearance of wrinkles because it contains lecithin (remarkable source of vitamin E), choline and inositol effective in retarding the aging of the skin.

7. Extra virgin olive
The extra virgin olive oil helps to reduce the speed of progression of the aging of the entire body.
Olive oil is antioxidant, thanks to its oleic acid, because it cleans and protects the body from left by animal fat deposits. This virtue helps prevent cancer and the effects of aging.
In addition, it promotes bone growth and strengthens bone density of the spine by helping the body to better bind calcium.
For its characteristics, extra virgin olive can be used daily. It is ideal for cooking, whether or seasoning for cooking.

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