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Test Anxiety? Exam Stress? EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Can Help You Relax and Ace That Test

Stressed by an upcoming exam? Plagued with test anxiety? Has your mind ever gone blank because your stress levels went out of control? Have you ever looked at a test after you got it back and realized you could have done better if only you would have kept your cool?

You’re not alone. And you don’t have to suffer any longer either. There’s an amazing — and amazingly simple — technique that can help you calm yourself down in a hurry right when it matters most.
Read on to discover EFT, short for Emotional Freedom Technique, a very powerful way to ease intense and stressful emotions. It’s easy to do and you can do it anywhere and anytime you like. And I will show you exactly how doing it, in simple and easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions.
There are two major parts to EFT: The set-up phrase and the tapping sequence. For the set-up phrase, you tap the so-called “karate-chop” point, the part of your hand that karate masters commonly use to break bricks or boards. You do the tapping with two fingers of the other hand, while repeating the set-up phrase three times.
For the actual tapping sequence, you tap each of the following points lightly around 7 times, one point after the other, while repeating a certain phrase.
Here are the points:
  1. Eyebrow point: right above the inner part of your eyebrow
  2. Side of Eye: about an inch to the side of your eye
  3. Under Eye: On the bony ridge right below your eye
  4. Under Nose: On upper lip right below your nose
  5. Chin: Below your lower lip, on chin
  6. Collar bone: On the center area of your collar bone
  7. Under Arm: Four inches below your armpit
  8. Top of head: On the top of your head
Here’s now a simple 5-step version of how to do it:
1. Assess:
Before you get started, assess how stressed you feel on a scale of 1 to 10. Make a note of that.
2. Set-up Phrase:
Then, you start with the following set-up phrase, which you repeat three times while tapping the “karate chop” point:
“Even though I am nervous about the job interview, I totally and completely accept myself.”
(If you like, you can also vary the second half with “I choose to feel calm and confident.”)
3. Tapping on Negative Statement
Then you tap several rounds of the other 8 points I listed above while repeating:
“I’m nervous about the job interview.”
4. Tapping on Positive Statement
After a couple of rounds, you may want to switch to the positive statement:
“I totally and completely accept myself.”
“I choose to feel calm and confident.”
5. Take a Deep Breath and Re-assess
Then take a deep breath and let it out slowly. Feeling calmer already? Re-assess how you feel now, on that same scale from 1-10. If you’re still nervous, just repeat as needed, until you feel calm enough to handle what you need to do and tackle that exam.
I can imagine that you’re now wondering what people will think when you’re tapping your face during the test… Don’t worry about it. They’re far too busy with their own tests. You can also tap quite discretely, and make the statements in your head if you’re out in public. Also, you may want to skip the “under arm” point since that will probably draw some attention– it will still work even without it.
Please note that this is just a basic version. There are many variations and enhancements to this method, but even the basic version can make an impressive difference in how you feel.
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