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4 Revealing Reasons Why You Are Skinny But Still Have Cellulite!

When you get older, connective tissue and collagen begin to break down and your skin begins to loosen in terms of elasticity. This condition allows fat underneath your skin to begin to push outwards thereby creating an uneven texture. So whatever your size, as you get older there are natural things that happen to your body that you cannot change unless you undergo cosmetic surgery.

Genetic Factor
Did your mother have cellulite? If she did, chances are that you would have it as well. Cellulite runs in the family. So if your mom carries this subcutaneous fat, you may also fall victim to this bulge as well. It does not matter how thin you are. You cannot alter the genetic cycle, but you can make yourself reduce the chances of getting it.

Is Cellulite Fat?
Cellulite is fat and anyone can have it, regardless of shape or size. Once you have a high fat percentage that is above what your body is meant to carry, the fat has the tendency to push outwards and appear as cellulite. You can exercise regularly to curb this effect by lifting weights. In addition, get your body fat assessed. If you are above 30%, you would need to step up your exercise regimen.

Women are more susceptible to experience cellulite in their lifetime. The reason is because women carry more weight in the places that cellulite tend to occur often. Moreover, the tissue composition of a woman is different from her male counterpart. If you are inactive and age as well, this tends to compound the problem. Studies show hormonal contraceptives and anxiety can also increase risks.

Get Your Body Moving
Exercise is a ready solution for cellulite issues. Cardio vascular exercises should be executed alongside resistance training sessions for best results. You should also carry out strength workouts as well because you need to require your fat with muscle. When you replace fat with muscle, your appearance becomes well-toned thereby reducing cellulite. Exercises like bicep curls, abdominal crunches, squats and lunges work best.

If exercising is not exactly working for you, you can use other solutions like silicone or laser treatments. However, avoid liposuction because it is ineffective as a long term solution and has multiple side effects. Liposuction may get rid of fat, but it does nothing to connective tissue. So even if it does work, it is only temporary. There is really no point spending so much on a treatment that does not work.

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