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Why Are Toxins Making You Fat?

It’s a fact that we are in the midst of a fat epidemic. Overweight and obesity are serious health risks. Obesity contributes to heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and some cancers. But what are the reasons for this epidemic? It is not by accident that American obesity levels are rising right alongside the increase in environmental toxins.

The “love handles” and “stomach pooch” around your waist could actually be toxic-waste storage sites! There are many factors that contribute to weight gain, lack of exercise, super-sized fast food meals and one factor that is often overlooked by traditional diets is toxic overload.
Simply put, people often have difficulty losing weight because their bodies are full of nasty poisons. These poisons or toxins can come from many sources, including pesticides, growth hormone, antibiotics and other things found in the food that we eat as well as chemicals found in our cleaning products, hair care products, make-up, and other chemicals that leach into your food from packaging, etc… 
When toxins build up in the body, the liver and other organ systems try to filter them out of the body, when the liver is overloaded and overworked, it cannot efficiently burn body fat and the toxins are stored in fat cells. The more toxins the body is storing, the more fat it is likely to accumulate and retain (toxins stored in fat cells are difficult to get rid of through dieting alone). When the body is overloaded with toxins, it transfers its energy away from burning calories and uses that energy to work harder to detoxify the body.
So the first step in any weight loss program should include Detoxification!
1. Flush the body – Flush the body of toxins with an herbal or nutrition cleanse.
2. Exercise – very important for the body to function and cleanse (find something you love to do. Find a workout partner that loves doing what you want to do. So much so they will help you not skip a workout).
3. Eat local organic fruits and vegetables
4. Choose organic meats
5. Choose unprocessed foods
6. Choose natural skin and hair products – that don’t contain chemicals and dyes. The skin is a source of absorption as well as elimination. Keep it clean.
7. Avoid Household toxins – rid your home of chemicals by using Green Cleaners or make your own.
8. Take steam baths or saunas – Saunas are actually a very effective way to eliminate toxins. A daily sauna session of 15 minutes, can assist detox by excreting toxins through the skin (it is best to shower before you sauna to get all the stuff off your skin. That way, when your pores open up from the steam you are not clogging them up).
9. Once the body is free of toxins, it is much easier to maintain optimal weight. A good diet and fitness routine is a must.
10. Drink water – the International Sports Medicine Institute suggests you drink half your weight in ounces of water each day (first thing in the morning drink 8oz before you do anything else).
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