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Natural Therapy To Relieve Stress And Anxiety

Natural therapy has been in use since time immemorial. It was only overshadowed for a brief period by the rapid development in medicine. This branch of health sciences is based on the principle that there is a vital energy controlling body functions and that the body has the ability to recover or restore it. Hence, such natural therapies try to attain physical, mental, spiritual and emotional wellbeing without or through minimal use of invasive treatments, drugs and medications.

Stress has become so commonplace that every second person experiences it to a certain degree. If left managed, it could prove detrimental to one’s health. So, in this section we shall discuss a few natural techniques to relieve stress and anxiety.

1. Give a vent to your emotions
Purging yourself of the negative emotions becomes important when you want to reduce the burden of stress. There are different ways to do so. First, socialize. A great option to alleviate anxiety is to share your problems with a friend or family member. Second, take a break from the daily grind of life. Laughing and crying are also therapeutic activities. They cleanse the pent up tension and emotions.

2. Pursue your passion – A skill or hobby
This method is often recommended to ease stress. When you engage in activities you are passionate about, it absorbs your attention completely and helps silence the internal chatter. Some of the tasks you could undertake are writing, sewing, gardening, cooking, photography, painting, birdwatching, biking or hiking. The internet offers ample opportunities to help you pursue a hobby. Activities that require one to be on the move – adventure sports – are beneficial as they not only exercise the mind but also the body.

3. Review your daily diet
Your diet cannot prevent feelings of stress and anxiety. However, they can make coping with stress a lot easier by alleviating symptoms. Aim for a healthy diet – fruits, vegetables, healthy protein and fiber. Avoid salty and fatty foods because they increase feelings of fatigue and sluggishness. When stressed, people find solace in substances such as alcohol, cigarettes and caffeine. These substances are not a healthy solution. In fact, regular use will lead to dependence increasing your problems.

4. Treat yourself to a massage
Stress can be physical and mental. A body massage promotes muscle relaxation. It also regulates the heart rate and blood pressure. Treat yourself to a body massage once a while.

5. Exercise
If possible, dedicate one hour each day to exercise. Exercise achieves a balance of the mind and body. Yoga is very beneficial as it involves breathing, meditation and stretching. Be selfish to spend time alone; to yourself in silence.

6. Get adequate sleep
You should aim for a minimum of 8 hours sleep. Try to create a sleep schedule wherein you get up and go to sleep at the same time every day. The last meal of the day should be a lighter one. Drinking alcohol and caffeine less than 3 hours before bedtime disrupts sleep. Lack of sleep aggravates the problem of physical and mental stress.
With these natural stress busters in hand, you can now stop depending on medical anti-depressants.

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