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Top 7 Natural Therapies for Dry Skin

While your skin is by nature, capable of producing oil, lifestyle habits and dry and cold weather can strip away the skin’s natural moisture. Before you know it, winter arrives and flaky, irritated skin is upon you. And to make matters worse, majority of dry skin-formulated lotions and creams available in stores contain potent and sensitizing ingredients that tend to dry the skin up even more. But do not fret. The most effective dry skin remedies can be found right within the comfort of your own home. Try some of these soothing natural skin therapies.

  1. Olive Oil
    Touted as a miracle worker, olive oil works wonders for your skin – reason why many commercial products contain this dry skin therapy ingredient. Olive oil contains antioxidants which do not only help soothe dryness and inflammation, but can also block free radical damage from UV rays. A generous lather on the skin immediately after sun exposure blocks oxidation, thereby preventing wrinkles and fine lines. Leave on for a couple of minutes or so before rinsing.

  2. Milk
    Skin care products laced with milk are quite common nowadays, and for good reason. Milk contains lactic acid which strips of dead cells and locks in the skin’s natural moisture. To use, simply place a milk-soaked cloth on a dry patch of skin and leave for five minutes, then rinse gently with warm water.

  3. Honey
    Honey works as a natural moisturizer, sealing in moisture and softening rough patches of skin. To use, simply massage it over the affected area daily and leave for about three minutes before rinsing.

  4. Aloe Vera
    One of the most popular natural dry skin remedies around, aloe vera is an effective solution to a wide variety of skin problems. The plant’s acids can be easily extracted from the cut leaf, and then applied to dry or irritated skin. Not only will this aid in faster repair and healing, but will also exfoliate dead skin cells so new ones can regenerate.

  5. Lemon
    Rich in vitamin C, lemon squeeze can be used as is or be mixed with salt and olive oil to make an invigorating scrub. The vitamin C helps in faster healing and acts as a skin moisturizer. Just be sure to remove before going out in the sun to prevent sunburn.

  6. Avocado
    Avocado contains natural alpha-hydroxy acids and natural oils that are packed with vitamin E, which is an excellent anti-wrinkle and dry skin therapy. It also moistens and softens the skin, and is incredibly easy to make! Simply mash the avocado into a pulp and then put on as a face mask.

  7. Coconut Oil Apart from being a trusted kitchen aid, coconut oil is a fragrant moisturizer that can applied topically or be mixed with your daily bath. It has been proven to aid dryness of the skin and the scalp, and is also used during massages to help relieve joint pains.
With this list, you can make easily make your own dry skin remedies straight from the kitchen. For maximum benefits, you’d also want to pair them up with good all-natural moisturizers and anti-aging skin care products.
Stephanie Seow is a skin care enthusiast who has been researching natural remedies to promote healthy skin care. To learn more about her researches and findings, visit her website at

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