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Diet Tips – Want to Lose Body Fat?

It is not unusual for women to engage in body building activities. A woman, in fact, can be good at lifting weights. But since there are differences in gender physiology, there will be slight differences in the type of training as well as diet tips of body building.

Women have lower levels of testosterone in the body so they have a much harder time building up muscles compared to men. Women who are into body building should try to follow certain diets tips to help their body cope with the physical stress and at the same time achieve the lean, toned muscles they are aiming for. Here are a few general tips to help any woman doing body building develop that perfect figure.

Eat more frequently
As opposed to eating three meals a day, girls who are trying to develop their muscles should try to eat about 5 healthy meals per day. To learn about what types of food to eat, inquire with a health instructor or a nutritionist. Don’t just stock up on protein without knowing the other vitamins and nutrients your body needs.

Incorporate more protein in the diet
Of course, protein is a major factor when it comes to body building. It helps build up muscles and is converted to energy when consumed by the body. Health experts suggest that the amount of protein that should be consumed by women should be synonymous to their weight. For example, if the body weight is 140 lbs, then the amount of protein to be eaten should be 140 grams divided by the number of meals per day.

Slow down on carbohydrates
This is probably one of the most difficult diet tips for many girls when it comes to body building – to regulate the consumption of sweet, processed and starchy foods. The monthly cravings would have to be set aside through sheer will power because it can affect the development of the body. Too much carbs can spike up a person’s blood sugar which consequently affects how the body burns fat.

Every female body builder should follow a proper diet strictly because their bodies are more prone to changes and hormonal spikes. It is important to remember that proper eating habits are an essential part of a good exercise and body building program. Body builders are not meant to starve but in fact should eat more but with the right nutrients to help with muscle building.

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