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Yoga Health Benefits For Women

There are several people who practice yoga regularly as it is a therapy for one’s mind and body. It has been developed in India and since its origin it has gained a lot of prominence worldwide. Yoga is all about three major things including relaxation, meditation and physical postures. One can even work on his breathing process by going for yoga. The yoga health benefits for women are immense and you can easily go a long way by practicing yoga for a consistent period of time. This article is going to deal with some key information regarding yoga health benefits for women.

Weight management and fitness
Practicing yoga regularly can help a woman stay healthy all the time. You can easily practice some great yoga poses which can help you in strengthening your muscles and bones in the right way. Enhancing your body balance and improving flexibility are other great things that this form of exercise can do for you. Having better body mass index is the best possible way to generate some fine results in this regard.

Disease management and stress reduction
Stress reduction and disease management is something which can be easily achieved through consistent yoga practice. The health benefits of this form of exercising are immense. You can easily focus hard on the breathing process and lower down the blood pressure. You can avoid plenty of issues such as depression and insomnia. 

Pain management in your body
Are you planning to manage some joint pain in your body? If yes, then you can consider looking out for some key help. There are plenty of things which you must consider in regard to yoga health benefits for ladies. I am pretty convinced that with the right help you will be able to cure your joint pain in the best possible way. Yoga can help you in managing your body pain.

Anyone who’s pregnant will surely enjoy the widespread benefits of yoga as practicing yoga on a regular basis will surely render some positive advantages. You just have to hire a suitable yoga instructor who can help you learn some of the best postures. These kinds of postures will help you in staying fit during the pregnancy.

So, this was all that one must know about yoga health benefits. You need to be very careful while generating some fine results for yourself. There are several things which you must consider in order to enjoy the health benefits of this form of exercise. I am pretty convinced that internet would offer you a lot of help when it comes to generating some good results here. If you are in search of a great alternative for staying fit during the pregnancy then this is the right thing to do. Have a lot of fun while practicing this form of yoga with your family and friends. It will be a life changing experience for you.

For Yoga students who may be considering a new career as a Yoga teacher, it is recommended to read about yoga instructor training and yoga teaching courses on our website to have deep view about yoga.

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Free and Affordable Personal Training and Trainer Prices or Cost

7 Ways to save money on Personal Training

1. Workout with a friend or two. Most trainers will charge a slightly higher fee, let’s say $90 for two people ($45 each) instead of $75 for 1 person. You will not get one-on-one attention, but it will save you quite a bit of money. (Semiprivate sessions could be up to 3 clients. Remember, anytime I mention numbers, it would be good to keep in mind that each trainer may have different definitions for semi-private and group training, so be sure to ask)

2. Train in a group. Can be 4 or more people and even up to 50 people in one boot camp. You will have to ask the rates because they vary so much, but generally speaking, it will cost about $10-20 a session for group training. The Idea of these first two ways to save money is that the more people in the session then the cheaper it is.

3. If you drive for them at their studio or gym then you usually save at least $10 right there. It takes the trainer time to get to your place. So lets say that you want them to come to you at 5:30pm and you live in LA. Because of the time of day there will be lots of traffic so maybe the trainer would have to leave his place at 5pm just to get to you by 5:30pm. That may be 30 minutes to you and 20 minutes back. The trainer will put whatever value he thinks on this 50 minutes and charge you for it and include it in the price when they quote you. So if you go to them, then it will save you whatever drive time they were going to charge you.

4. Find a trainer close to you. When having a trainer come to you then it’s usually best to find one closest to you so that they don’t charge you so much for drive time. This is why they will almost always ask you where you live. They need to figure out how long it would take to get to you. So it may be best to find a trainer closest to you. If one travels far charges $90 but someone close to you may go as low as $60. And if you are going 3x a week, then you will save $360 a month!!

5. Ask if you could get a better rate if you worked out at a different time. Some trainers offer discounts for times of the day when they are not busy or if you come to them right after or before they have a client because it would make the trainer’s day flow better. They may be looking for a morning or an afternoon client at a specific time that would work just perfect for them. So see if you could get a deal if you worked with their schedule.

6. Purchase more sessions up front. It usually doesn’t save a lot, but if you buy more sessions at once, then you may get a deal. Like paying for 20 sessions up front verses 10 sessions. So ask the trainer if they will give you a deal if you buy more sessions. You could even buy 40 or more sessions if you both agree.

7. Get rid of all the extra stuff. If you don’t need diet help or measurements, extensive evaluations, text reminders to eat right and workout then don’t pay for it. So ask if you could get a better rate if all they do is train you. Usually the extra’s are very beneficial, but if you just don’t have the money, then you may not have a choice. So get rid of anything extra that they may be charging you for that you don’t need or can’t afford right now.

3 Ways to get Free Personal Training

1. Write reviews on line for them. Many trainers are listed with all sorts of different websites that you could write a review for them on. Maybe you could get a session or two for free if you were so kind as to write some reviews.

2. Participate in a before and after the program. If you are fully dedicated and I mean fully dedicated, no excuses and listen to everything the trainer tells you to do in regards to eating and working out then you could get a deal because it would be great publicity for them.

3. Refer them business. Most in home personal trainers and independent trainers in gyms will give you a session or two for free when you refer a friend that purchases training. Unfortunately, not all franchise gyms that have personal training will do this, so you have to ask.

For 9 more ways to save and 2 more free ones go to FREE TRAINING

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How Exercise Can Make You Happy

Scientific studies have shown that there is a direct link between mental and physical health. People that are healthy physically are much more likely to be content with their life, so if you feel like you are often suffering from a range of emotions and don’t have much stability in your life, starting an exercise regime may be the answer…
When it comes to your emotions, feeling well mentally is about having a healthy mindset. This might mean you feel confident, have a good sense of purpose, feel self assured, can deal with difficult situations and generally have a good outlook on and contentment with life.

A person with a good sense of well being will be able to stay happy, healthy and strong and develop good relationships with the people around them.

The Relation Between Exercise and Happiness 

Although exercise is of course great for your body, it has also been known to help create a good sense of mental well being as well, and although it may seem hard to believe, it is true that exercise can indeed make you happy!

Exercise is a great way of getting rid of sad feelings, stress and anger. When you exercise, your brain allows your body to release a range of hormones and neurochemicals which make you experience a feeling of euphoria. This can be a sudden rush of the happy feeling, or it can be an overall sense of well being in day to day life.

When you are stressed, the hormones of adrenaline and cortisol are waiting for release in your brain and body. Without a productive output, these can block your receptors in your brain, which help with dealing with emotion, staying calm and improving memory. When you exercise, these chemicals can be released into the body in order to make you happy.

Benefits of Exercise 
Exercise is great for a number of reasons, and when it comes to emotional well being, exercise is the number one treatment.

Stress Relief – Exercise puts your body under a very small amount of pressure, and when you exercise on a regular basis, your body builds up a stronger immunity to dealing with other stressful situations. This means your body is less likely to be sensitive to stressful situations and can deal with them much better than if you had not exercised at all.

Exercise also has a number of health benefits on top of the advantages it can do for your mental health. These include reducing the risk of heart disease, improving muscular strength to prevent back or joint pain, regulates your blood pressure, prevents premature ageing, some cancer forms, and also helps prevent against early death.

To prevent a number of health issues and keep your mind healthy and happy too, then it is recommended that you about 20 minutes to half an hour of exercise more than three times per week. Whether it’s an aerobic class, swimming or cycling to work you’ll soon feel and see the benefits!

Hi I am Gary Abernathy author of this article and many more. I am an avid Health and fitness nut. I have had a weight problem all my life up to about 5 years ago, When I finally done something about the weight problem. I now write articles such as this one, and have a web site set up so that people can read more interesting articles about weight loss. Please go to this link and check it out. []

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How to Have a Healthy Relationship – 3 Reasons Why It’s Important to Create Space in Relationships

Sometimes we are fooled into thinking that we need to be with our significant others all the time if we are building a long-term bond and relationship.

I’ve heard on good authority, though – from couples who’ve been together (married) for years – that the key to a healthy and long-lasting relationship is, in fact, giving the other person space and taking space for yourself.
In this context, space is defined as spending time apart from each other.

It’s not to be taken as trying to get away from the person (although it might be depending on how you look at it) but more like giving yourself and the other person time to engage in other activities that have nothing to do with your relationship!

And the best thing about this is that it actually works to strengthen your relationship and the bond.

Let’s have a look at how you have a healthy relationship and why it is it so important to create space in relationships, shall we?

1. Space helps the relationship to remain in balance

Have you ever heard the saying – there is a time and a place for everything?
By the same token, there are times that you and your significant other spend together and times that you spend apart.

You cannot possibly want to spend every waking moment with your significant other, however much in love you think you are with this person.

There comes a time when you are spending too much time with your partner and you begin to get on each other’s last nerve.

This will happen to anyone.

If you spend an inordinate amount of time with someone (anyone) day in and day out, you will run the relationship into the ground. At some point, one or both of you will start to feel smothered by the other.

That is usually what people mean when they refer to someone as being “clingy”.

2. It is often said that women fall in love in a man’s presence, and men fall in love in a woman’s absence – or something to that effect

Yet again, in this instance there needs to be a balance.

We women need to be in a man’s presence just enough to learn about who he is and what he stands for to determine if he is right for us and if he is someone we’d like to spend more time with.

Men (and women) need to have enough time away from their significant other or from the person they are dating in order to be able to “miss them” and have the other person long for them.

If you are always around, the longing or desire that is sparked from not being in someone’s presence cannot present itself.

That longing/desire can also be referred to as attraction. In order to boost attraction, you must create the space to enable the feeling of “missing” the other person to occur.

3. That space allows you and the person you are seeing to have other experiences outside of the relationship

When you two are not together, you must be involved in other activities either alone or with other people. It is this involvement in other activities that makes you interesting and multidimensional.

That is what gives you depth since you are being exposed to other things; people and events when you are not in each other’s presence. You then have loads to talk about when you are finally in each other’s presence.

You can talk about what happened at the game last night; how projects are progressing and all the other interesting things that happened to you both.

This also brings balance to the relationship as each of you is sharing experiences, positive of negative. This helps to deepen the bond between you two.

Balance is key to building a healthy relationship. Having space in a relationship is an excellent way to maintain that balance! Did you know that you could invite commitment from a man without even hinting at it? Visit to find out how!

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Don’t Walk Just For Exercise – Change Your Life

“Life walking” is more than walking for exercise and fitness objectives. It’s the larger ideal of using walking to change your life.
The objective for this New Year is simple: Get moving. Don’t wait. Time is running out on your sedentary lifestyle. What can you do to make this year count for your weight loss goals – and your life walking? Two simple things at least…

One: If you’re the type who is doing absolutely nothing right now, please start to do some walking regularly. Any walking at all contributes to physical activity – and well-being. If you’re already modestly active, then do a little more every day and you’ll feel great. You will lose weight but gain something else – a life walking!
Two: Walking is the number one activity you should focus on. Sure, there are millions of other choices for exercise, but we all know of people who are waiting till they find the “best exercise”. How many of them are in fact wasting more time looking, rather than finding? That kind of ultra-perfectionism in choices leads nowhere.
If you’re like the rest of us, the so-called “formal exercise” may not be part of your inclination or even your “must-do” agenda. But life walking can be. Remember, even if it’s just to and from the front door, you are already a walker. You have been a walker since you took your first steps as a baby. All you have to do is more of it.
It’s a strange fact that we have to tell people to walk more. But humans have spent so many centuries, reducing their need to walk, that it’s now become necessary to tell people they have to “return to life walking”.
The industrial age, the automobiles we have, the tele-commuting we now do, the dial-a-life we now ring for everything – and the zillion other similar “conveniences” we have added to our lives … these have all now become the collective cause for the greatest “inconvenience” we can have hoped to have – disease!
Every passing year, technology encourages us in the life of a “Sit Where You Are And Be Served, Oh Master!” kind of existence we have built for ourselves.
Fine. Let’s look at the bright side. We no longer have to walk for the conduct of our lives. We have to now walk for life!
I would like to stress that you should make walking a part of how you live every day, not make it an exercise project. It’s not a chore. It’s not an obligation either. It’s not even something to consciously think about. It’s become an imperative!
One year from now how actively would you be able to say you have lived life?
Say, you’re downstairs … and need something from upstairs: Would you yell for someone to get it for you, or would you be sure to bound upstairs and get it yourself without a second thought? Not because you have to, but because it feels good to move again – a long-forgotten skill and thrill revived.
When you actually start looking for chances to move, not ways to avoid it, you’ll know you have come full circle. By then, your body will surely reflect this weight loss and dynamism too. Importantly, your life will also feel lighter.
“Movement is in your nature. Just put it in your routine.” is what Mark Fenton says in his book “The Complete Guide to Walking”.
I’d add: Instead of pursuing mere weight loss, remember there’s a bigger revival crying for your attention – today, decide instead to regenerate the life walking!
Laxmi Krishna is a bestselling author on weight loss. She succeeded in losing weight superfast — 30 kgs. in just 32 weeks, with no dieting — through a unique walking program she has designed. She reveals her success secrets in her path-breaking guide. Visit Laxmi’s site at []
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The 7 Secrets of Happy People

There is that person who always seems to be happy no matter what they are doing and you can’t understand why they are so happy! Do they not have problems in their life? Do they not have stress that makes them tired and cranky? Do they not have annoying family and friends who expect a lot out of them?

The answer is yes, they do. They live on the same planet as you after all! But they have a different approach to handling the stuff life brings them, which makes them happier than most people.

Here are 7 secrets that happy people know that you need to learn to get on board the happy train of life!

1. They live in the present.

Happy people don’t hold on to the past like other people do. They focus on what is happening around them and enjoy it with a passion that only living in the moment can offer.
Many of us tend to dwell in our negative experiences and this makes us less happy in the short-term and long run.
Living in the present creates an awareness of life going on around you and allows you to enjoy what you are doing right now without baggage memories and expectations from your past. So open your eyes and pay attention to your present activity. Your happiness will thank you!

2. They have strong relationships in their lives.

Whether they are in an intimate relationship, have close friends, or have family that they cherish – they have strong relationships that support them and lift them up.

When you carry the weight of life on your shoulders alone, it can be a huge load to walk around with. Friends, family, and spouses can offer a helping hand at taking that load off of you and helping you see the issues you have more clearly as well as get over them quickly.

Without a support system you can have a hard time working through issues and you can carry them around with you while more issues pile up on top of them.

If you do not have a spouse and have no close family then go out and make relationships with kindred spirits by joining activities that you are interested in. When you form a strong relationship cherish it for what it does for you.

3. They know who they are and act the part!

They are not trying to be someone they are not and instead they talk, walk, and act exactly how they are without trying to impress anyone else. They don’t quiet down their laugh because it’s too loud and they don’t wear the ‘in clothes’ for the season so others think they are stylish. They just are who they are.

When you are trying to be someone you are not, you are essentially telling yourself that you are not good enough. How are you supposed to be happy when you feel you are not good enough? Realize that uniqueness is a sexy quality in people and since everyone is unique you cannot be like everyone else and they should not expect you to be!

4. They do not complain.

They do not complain about every single thing that happens to them and dwell in it for days, but they instead just do it or get through it or move on from it.

Complaining is an extremely negative emotion to have or be around. Complaining does absolutely nothing for anyone except make them more miserable. It doesn’t solve problems, find solutions, or get rid of negative emotions – it just keeps the problems and negativity hanging around longer.
How can you be happy when you are always complaining?

5. They are doing what makes them happy.

Everyone has something in life that they absolutely want to be doing. Happy people do it. They do the things that make them the happiest in their career, activities, and life in general.

If you hate your job, then change it to something you love. If you sit at home all day being miserable then get out and do something that would make you happy.

Follow your joy and participate in things that make you feel good about yourself and life and happiness will come naturally to you.

6. They see the positive side of everything.

There is literally a negative and positive side to everything and happy people see the positive side very clearly.

Negative people tend to dwell on the negative side of every situation.

It doesn’t matter what you are doing you always have a choice to look at the glass half full or half empty. It’s up to you. Just remember that if you look at it half full you will be happier in life.

7. They are compassionate and understanding

Having compassion for other people makes them, and you, happy. It’s a win-win situation.
When you have compassion for other people you are more willing to help out and lend an ear. 

This in turn makes them feel better about themselves and when you can help other people be happier, you instantly receive the benefits for yourself. You feel better about yourself and what you are doing with this life.

When you do not have compassion and understanding you become short-tempered and irritable. This leads to complaints and negativity and it’s impossible to be naturally happy from this state.

By: Kari Farmer

Kari is the owner of a manifest connection at, a self help website focused on helping people become happier and healthier in their lives. Kari is the owner of manifest connection, a selfself help website focused on helping people become happier and healthier in their lives.

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Some Simple Tips But Still Useful For Cooking

One of the best tips that you can follow when you are using oil is to add it to the sides of your pan upon cooking- so when it gets to the food, it is already heated. This will help to maximize the flavor of your food when you are done…

Partially freeze meat to make slicing into thin strips easier. This is ideal for Oriental meals like Chinese dishes or Thai dishes. By partially freezing meat ingredients, slicing is cleaner and the fibers do not stretch and tear as easily. However, be sure to allow the meat strips to thaw before cooking them, for even cooking.

Ensure that your baked fish is moist and tender by cooking “en papillote”. This is a French technique that refers to fish baked in a parchment-paper packet. Place the fish and vegetables of your choice in the center of a large piece of parchment-paper. Bring the edges of the paper together, crease them tightly to form a seal, and bake for 10 to 15 minutes at 450 degrees. The fish and vegetables steam in the packet, keeping them moist and tender, and creating a tasty, healthy dish. (Clean-up is just as easy – simply throw away the paper after eating!)

Before you start cooking or baking, make sure you have all the ingredients gathered together. This will save you time and prevent cooking mishaps. You’ll have a better product in the end.

For stir fry with an authentic Chinese touch, try using their velveteen technique! Prepare a mixture of corn starch, egg whites, seasonings and sherry and set your pork, chicken or shrimp in it for about half an hour. Then, blanch it in hot oil or boiling water for shiny, tender and delicious restaurant quality stir fry.

When seasoning your food, remember that it is much easier to add more seasoning if needed, but you cannot take it away if you add too much. That is why it’s important to go light when seasoning with herbs and spices. You want to compliment the flavors of the food and not overpower them.

Keep a few cut up, washed, and prepared vegetables in your freezer. This will reduce your prep time when you’re cooking a recipe. Onions and peppers are great to freeze. Just buy them fresh, wash and cut them when you have time, and store them in individual zip lock bags.

It is extremely embarrassing to have lumps in your gravy. It happens to everybody from the beginner cook to the master chef. There is a simple trick you can use to eliminate them. Drain the gravy through a fine strainer and discard the lumps. This technique can be used for other sauces or soups too.

Garlic is just one of many tasty ingredients whose flavor has a downside: It transfers to your hands. Rub your hands thoroughly on the interior of a stainless steel sink after working with garlic or other odoriferous cooking ingredients. This will cleanse your hands and prevent the smells from transferring to the food you handle next.

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Finding Happiness: How to Smile If It’s Been a While

One of the most powerful things about happiness is you don’t need to look for it. It finds you. Finding happiness is about finding you. The real, private, and personal you. Find out what gives you the fuel to keep going and moving on the path you’ve paved for yourself. I bet under all the seriousness, there’s a lot of joy. Your life is an adventure series, unfolding one chapter at a time. That’s enough to put a smile on your face. But, if you look at your life and have a hard time smiling, read on. Here’s how to find happiness right under your nose. It will help you smile if it’s been a while.

Laugh at the Everyday

Most days, life seems like one big bowl of serious. One giant insurance policy. If you can’t remember that last thing that made you smile, or dare I say, laugh, this is an intervention. Grab a pencil or pen and schedule a day to spend 10 minutes observing the funny all around you.

Raining days are my favorite. You’ll see umbrellas that refuse to open or close, men chasing their hats, people dashing across the street, to name a few. And, the sounds we make when we get wet. . . priceless. We all sound like children. You don’t have to go far to experience the everyday, just observe the world around you.

Remember the show, “Kids Say the Darndest Things?” Spend an hour with children. Listen to the wisdom of a four, six, or eight year old child and you can’t help but laugh.
And, you may learn a thing or two. Don’t overlook the beauty of everyday events to put a smile on your face.

Laugh at Yourself

When was the last time you said or did something that left you laughing at yourself? Anytime I walk through hallways, I need to move over 5 degrees. Why? Because I’m cute and clumsy. When I don’t move over, my elbow or shoulder are bound to hit something. I’ve been bumping into corners and walls since I was 18.

Today, I wear glasses for working and reading. I figure it can’t hurt to keep them on when walking around a corner. What part of you makes you smile? If you can’t think of any, ask a friend. When you take yourself a little less seriously, life can be more fun.

Laugh at the Creativity of Others

When was the last time you saw a movie or show that made you laugh until you cried? If you’ve seen Meryl Streep’s “It’s Complicated,” you know what I mean. Humor is serious business. The creativity of others gives healing powers to us all. So, watch a movie or see a show, that leaves you laughing and breathless. The more you laugh the better you’ll feel.

Count Your Blessings. . . If you can

How many times has your life turned from trial after trial, to blessing after blessing? If you’re like most people, you’ve received more blessings than you can count. And, that’s the point. Just counting your blessings, or trying to, fills you with hope, covers you with joy, and leaves a smile on your face. Wishing you more chances to find happiness. . . within you.

Copyright 2011. Asia Sharif-Clark. All rights reserved.

I’m Asia Sharif-Clark, founder of Centered Self Worldwide, the Glow Weekend, and the Glow Circle. In 90 days, I take women from overworked and overwhelmed to empowered and energized, without feeling guilty. And, that’s just the beginning.

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How To Live A Healthier Lifestyle: 3 Key Areas For Healthy Living

Have you ever stopped to consider how you can live a healthier more vibrant lifestyle?
Many people fail to understand the simple truth that their mindset and attitude towards life affects their physical reality. However, with modern-day living being so hectic it’s easy to understand why…

There’s so much to contend with on any given day that it can be difficult to lead a healthy lifestyle. This can be kept in check though by switching your mindset and making time to focus on the key areas of your health and well-being.
If you find yourself making excuses for not eating right, getting adequate exercise, proper rest or even organizing your life then it’s time to thwart this pessimistic attitude. It may sound impossible, but you just need to change a few habits and slowly incorporate new routines into your daily life.

How You Can Develop a Healthier Mindset
Instead of sitting back and assessing your life in a negative manner with little intention to change things, you instead need to see thing from a more optimistic point of view.
If you feel stuck in a rut and find yourself beating yourself up over the lifestyle you live then it’s time for a change! This all starts with developing a healthier mindset, then following through with a commitment to change, whether it be gradually incorporating a healthier diet, exercise regimen or organizing your home and work environment.

How to Lead a Healthier Lifestyle
You wouldn’t be the first person to hit a brick wall in your life and you certainly won’t be the last. Maybe you have a poor diet due to a demanding home or work environment, maybe you get a little exercise and feel unhealthy due to limited time to engage in physical activity.

Whatever the reason you can address these issues by developing a support network. Reach out to those close to you and lean on them for guidance and help at this crucial stage of your life.

Talking alone is a great way to seek solutions and get a third-party perspective on things. Some may find solace in drawing up action plans they can stick to and keeping journals to monitor or track progress. The point is that it’s important to identify the areas of your life you wish to improve and then seek ways to improve upon them.

Your Diet is Key to Healthy Living
In today’s society we’re bombarded with fatty, junk foods that are all too convenient. To achieve healthy living, it’s important to ensure your body is getting the proper nutritional requirements to function at its best.
Maintaining a proper diet alone is a sure-fire way to improve your physical and mental well-being. You will feel energized, vibrant, and your attitude will undergo a makeover as you make continued efforts to maintain a stable and well-balanced diet.

Note: no-ones saying you have to completely overhaul your diet overnight, but making a few tweaks here and there and gradually filtering out those processed foods in place of fresh, healthy, nourishing foods is key to healthy living.

Engage in Exercise Regularly
By engaging in the exercise regularly I mean daily! Yet this needn’t be strenuous or a chore! We all have different levels of fitness and overdoing it will just put you off engaging in physical activity in the future!
Walking alone constitutes exercise and walking for just 15 – 30 minutes a day alone can soon build up and help you feel more energetic and vibrant. As you build up your fitness levels you can engage in more demanding physical activities.

There are also many exercise routines you can do in the comfort of your own home without the need for equipment. Leg lifts, crunches, squats and other Cardio workout exercises are a great way to keep in shape without overdoing it. You could even invest in a couple of fitness DVD’s to workout to for some motivation and drive.

Ensure You’re Getting Adequate R&R
Getting adequate sleep is also key to healthy living. It can be difficult in today’s fast paced, hectic world to ensure you’re getting your due rest, but you need to learn to compensate where possible.

Maybe you have a demanding job and work long hours, in which case retire to bed a little earlier to ensure you’re getting the proper rest your body needs to function properly.

Wrapping It Up
When it comes to healthy living diet, exercise and rest are three key areas you should focus on. Maintaining strong, healthy relationships with friends, family and loved ones is also strong, healthy it all starts with your personal needs.

Remember, slow and steady wins the race! Don’t try to change too much at once, gradually incorporate new diet, exercise and sleeping habits into your routine and over-time you’ll feel healthier, happier and more in control of your life.

Is stress getting in the way of you living a healthier lifestyle? Learn how you can manage stress better by incorporating these stress 11 busting foods into your diet.

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Women Make The Difference

Women make the difference in our modern society because they are women. No one argues that men and women differ from one another. Obviously male and female bodies are anatomically different, but mentally and emotionally the two genders differ as well…

The different thought processes of men and women have-not been proven to be genetic, but it’s accepted that they are. It’s acknowledged that within our genetic makeup, there’s a code that causes men to be less emotional, more competitive, and more prone to violence. Women are genetically hardwired to be more caring, sensitive, sharing and much less prone to violence than men.

Looking back along our evolutionary development, these genetic differences served our species well. The stronger male was more genetically suited to being a hunter and warrior. While less physically strong, the child bearing female was genetically instilled with instincts that would make a good mother.

Over the last 75 years the gender divide has been blurred. Prior to World War Two our society was fundamentally the same as it was back when our ancestors lived in caves. Modern conveniences aside, men were the provider and protector. Women had the role of preparing meals, keeping house, giving birth to children, and raising them.

We still have a long way to go before the sexes are truly equal, but today women are active in politics and the military, and occupy positions in every field of endeavor. However, this does not mean our genetics have been recoded.

After thousands of generations of evolution, we still have the vestige of a tail, the Taliban, and organs that serve little practical purpose. However, it will require many more millennium before they disappear. Likewise, it will be millennium before changes in genetic coding governing thought processes and emotions in men and women merge. But would be want women to mimic men emotionally? No!

Our society is much richer, and far better off because women differ from men. In fact, it’s that the sexes do differ women are motivated to take up causes propel us forward. Eighty percent of American women believe that supporting causes create a sense of purpose and meaning to lifestyle.

Women also believe individuals can make a difference by supporting causes. Men see a “cause célèbre” people embrace like a fad. Ironically, it was the willingness of individual women to support causes that resulted in Prohibition and equal voting rights for all American citizens, regardless of gender. It was women taking up a cause that advanced workplace equality to where it is today, including women in combat roles.

In all, 45% of Americans are personally involved in supporting causes. However, women make up 35%, while only 10% of all Americans actively support causes are men.

Men and women don’t usually support the same causes, but agree some causes deserve their support. Feeding the hungry and supporting US troops abroad are universally supported. However, women support youth-related causes like bullying and childhood obesity, while men are more likely to support the Tea Party, crime prevention, etc.. Understandably, gender specific issues, such as breast cancer and prostate cancer, are supported by the gender impacted by the disease.

Men and women support causes differently as well. Men and women will both donate money and lend physical support in the form of volunteering to further a cause. However, men are prone to donate money rather than a volunteer. Women, however, are more likely to get involved by donating money, clothing and other personal items. Women also volunteer more of their spare time than men.

Women are more likely to recognize the role that social media plays in furthering a cause than men. Thus, women are more likely to support causes through social media, such as joining Facebook groups, contributing comments and guest posts to blogs that include cause logos and donation links. Women are also more likely to use social media as an information source to learn about causes and to be updated.

Women make the difference when it comes to furthering causes that improve and enrich our society. So, as righteous as equality between the sexes is, if women become more like men our society will be all the poorer because if it.

Leonard (Len) Bowcott is an avid traveler and a fervent supporter of causes involving the rights of women around the world, especially in the Middle East and Africa. He also travels the world volunteering his time to causes that offer safety, shelter, and well being of children living in poverty. Len funds his travel and volunteer work through his own online ventures, that he can maintain from anywhere on the planet that has Internet access.

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