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Lemon Diet without Deprivation

Extremely popular among Hollywood celebrities. Highly appreciated by the stars to keep their line, this slimming ally burns fat and purifies your body. It is a method that is essentially based on the fact lose weight without depriving, without needing to weigh the food…

This is a natural diet, easy to follow and, in addition, palatable. This wonderful fruit miracle.
Rich in vitamin C, it gives you energy to spare, it eliminates toxins, he went hunting against unsightly bulges, and in addition, it boosts radiance of your skin.

Positive aspects: A point not to be overlooked, lemon diet is inexpensive and therefore accessible to everyone. In the following, you privilege foods that stimulate digestion.

Negative aspects: difficult to find any disadvantage in this plan is supposed to shape and tone. But Do not use excessive force on the lemon zest, particularly those who have heartburn or a predisposition to kidney problems.

Who can follow the lemon diet?: It is perfect for all women who want to be fit, toned, and of course for all those who want to lose weight!

Lemon diet:

The basics: the idea is to introduce the lemon in all its forms and at all meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and snacks. Because poor digestion can be the reason for weight gain, lemon diet consists firstly to rid his body of toxins in order to revitalize the digestive system.

Different phases: the system begins with a day of detoxification. During these 24 hours, you do not fast but eat natural foods that cleanse the body. You should also consume large quantities of water. The lemon diet recommends drinking a daily glass of lemonade (fasting).

Recommendation:  review the selection and preparation of products you consume and focus on the lemon when cooking. Before anything else, be sure to pay attention to the choice of fruit. Opt for organic lemons (the others are often treated with pesticides and other chemicals). Take the reflex replace the dressing to the salad and vegetables with lemon juice or to decorate a fish dish a few slices of lemon.

How to prepare the magic lemonade:

The lemon is consumed mainly in the form of an easy to prepare drink 2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice, 30 cl of lukewarm water and a pinch of cayenne pepper (drink this every morning on an empty stomach).

The results:

If you adopt this diet, your extra pounds disappear gradually in three weeks and you ‘ve had your fill of vitamins.

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