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Lemon In The Morning And Its Health Benefits

The debate over water weight and detox

I would like to say that many people argue about water weight gain. They also argue about toxins in the body and say that it’s a joke because the body is designed to rid our body’s of toxins. I believe that you can’t talk about these two topics and not touch on the acidic vs alkaline or pH balance of the body. It is no surprise that people argue about that. I say, let the body performance do the speaking, so those who want to argue must try it before they deny it. I will say that putting the lemon in water is not the total answer, but it is a good start. I believe that once a person understands how foods affect the body, they are then more motivated to change their diet.

Lemon in the morning helps to hydrate the body
Lemon in the morning helps to wake the body up and starts up the digestive track. Because you drank the lemon water to break your nightly fast before you ate, your body is prepared for the rest of the food for the day, and also helping the body to readily absorb the food into your system. It starts your body off in the hydration mode instead of dehydration mode, and that helps prevent the sluggish (adrenal fatigue) from being dehydrated. Because the body is in a hydrated state, it flushes toxins and allows the adrenals and the thyroid to produce energy.

The body does this by a hormone secretion called aidostene, which regulates the amount of water and sodium in the body. As you can imagine, when the body feels good and running properly, you are happy and energetic and do not become depressed for what you might think is for no reason.

Lemon and lime both help with the pH balance of the body
The argument many people bring up is that lemon and lime are acidic foods. The problem with that argument is both lemon and lime are only acidic in their natural state and not in its digested state. The digested state of both lemon and lime is where it counts as to whether or not they are an acidic or alkaline food. Since we have a pH balance that must be maintained to be healthy, and lemon and lime are alkaline, they help with a boost to the immune system and also to healthy looking skin due to the vitamin C and the minerals that they contain which also helps with the energy boost naturally.

Lemon and lime are both a healthy and natural diuretic
Lemon is more of a diuretic if it is drunk warm. Lemon also aids in the digestive process, which will aid in weight loss, but lemon is also a stimulant to the gastrointestinal tract. This helps with the gas bloat and the acid reflux so many of us suffer from. So how is this possible? Glad you asked. Lemon stimulates the muscle contraction in the intestine walls, which helps it to keep things moving. So not only does it flush with the liver, but also the colon.

A sluggish colon will have lots of toxins in it that are being absorbed by the body into the blood stream. Lemons and limes are high in minerals and vitamins which help loosen toxins in the digestive tract, which allow them to contract the muscles and remove the tar build up that is flooding our blood with toxins. No wonder why we are getting sick.

 Its as simple as this, we are what we eat. We have heard that before. Our bodies are designed by God to only be able to handle so much garbage before it overdoses like a drug or alcohol. The body naturally tries to compensate for the excess by depleting minerals from foods to eject it out of the body, but the body can only do so much by a lack of water and proper pH foods. That is the large part of what the liver does. What happens to you if you work 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week for, let’s say, 30 years? Do you think you will be tired with no rest, and as the years go, the workload becomes heavier? I think that is something to think about!

I can not speak for anyone else, but I feel like a different person after I cleanse. I drink lemon every day. I can sometimes add a little cayenne pepper (1/2 teaspoon) into the lemon water to aid in the detoxification process, about 2 times a week during a cleanse. I don’t cleanse as often as I used to because I never defaulted back to eating only bad foods.

I do eat some foods that are acidic. I do drink pop every now and again, but much, much less than most. I maybe have a pop once a week or even less. I don’t get sick very often. To me, being healthy allows me to be there for my family and to perform at work. While others are tired, I can keep going and rebound faster at an older age.

Exercise is also a key to success
We can do the things that I have mentioned, we can just drink lemon water or we can do nothing. but if we do something, we will really feel great when we put it with exercise. Do it with family, friends and even play sports so it doesn’t seem like work to stay motivated.
The only way for change to happen is to act on what you know!

I have applied this article to my life and have lost weight along with others that I know and the lemon in the morning was the only change to their diet. Detox is a healthy natural way to lose weight and lemon in the morning is a great way to kick off the day. If you are Looking to lose water weight and want helpful ideas, tips, and resources. Come visit us at and see how we can get you moving in the right direction today to start losing the weight that you are so desperately trying to lose. It is truly a Health and fitness in a fun way because health and fitness is meant to be an enjoyable natural way of life.

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