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Prevent Kidney Stones

If one can imagine ‘how it feels like when a dagger is stabbed in to lower back of the body and twisted it intermittently’, will understand the intensity of pain experienced when sharp edged stones are moving in urinary tract blocking the passage of urine.
Well this does not happen suddenly. Our organs sincerely convey the impending danger by sending pulses of pain with low intensity. Ignoring these symptoms with pain killers can straight away take one to a hospital bed for a laser surgery.
It will be very surprising to know how small things in our food intake and life style can put us in to such a painful situation.

Conditions that contribute to the growth of kidney stones
1. Low intake of water.
2. High intake of proteins likes consumption of fish, meat and chicken together.
3. Lack of water soluble fibers like green leaves, fruits in diet.
4. Consumption of high sugar foods
5. Consumption of refined table salt.

How Kidney Stones are generated:
Calcium in our body is used for digestion of proteins. calcium exists in our bones, and in a very small percentage in teeth, blood and body fluids. When we consume proteins more then required the calcium available in our blood and digestive system falls short and required calcium is leached from our bones to supplement. Calcium and magnesium in a specific proportion in our body gives us a good health. When this proportions are disturbed formation of calcium oxalates crystals take place. These crystals when accumulated at one place form kidney stones.

How to prevent formation of kidney stones
1. Drink lot of water because dehydration is one of the causes of crystal formation.
2. Avoid refined table salt and use natural sea salt that will help eliminate the refined salt deposits held in kidneys.
3. Eat proteins moderately and to maintain the balance of salts in body. Diet should comprise of water soluble vegetables and fruits.
4. Avoid eating fish and meat together.
5. Eliminate high sugar foods in diet.

Invariable, we all tend to observe or follow the above only after affected with the malaise. Also, it is not possible for us to keep measuring our level of consumption, continuously. Being moderate in consuming food packed with protein and drinking ample amount of water can keep us away from kidney stone formation.
Here, prevention is far better than cure, because once kidney stone is formed affinity to form more stones increases.

There are natural home remedies which can prevent and as well cure with out painful surgeries.

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