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How To Overcome Panic And Anxiety With Exercise

In our stressful world, many suffer from severe stress that can even cause panic and anxiety for some. Some don’t even know they are already suffering from panic and anxiety. There are available treatments and medications for this kind of case, but not many people go to a doctor for help.

If you suspect that you may be having some panic and anxiety attacks, there are some things you can do to overcome them. One very effective way is actually quite simple. Regular exercise has actually been proven to help relieve panic and anxiety attacks. There are even some exercises psychologists and therapists use to treat their patients.

Built to move
Our bodies are designed to move. People who lack physical activity have a lot of unused energy and this causes physical tension. These people are more likely to have cramps and stiff muscles in different parts of their bodies. Usually doctors will not find anything wrong and blame it all on stress. These physical discomforts cause them to then have some mental tension and the problem begins.

The only way to relieve you of all these physical and mental tensions is to start moving and using all that stored up energy in your body. You can be surprised how breaking out a sweat can make you feel so much better. The result may not be instant but with regular exercise, things will get better.

Beat the Stress
Many people consider stress as part of our everyday lives. Many people find it tolerable. But for some sensitive people stress can be very depressing and can affect their way of thinking and behavior. Stress is not something you should take for granted. As soon as you feel stressed, you should find ways to relax and get out of it immediately.
Our body releases a hormone called Cortisol whenever we feel stress. It is proven that the only way to stop the development of Cortisol in the body is through movement. When we exercise or do some physical activity when we are stressed, Cortisol is lowered and our body begins to relax.

Create Balance
Panic and anxiety also affects a person’s health. Many sicknesses today can be traced back to high stress level living. When a person is stressed or depressed, the immune system becomes unbalanced and the person becomes more prone to sickness. Exercise is a good start to stress management without using any medication. It helps balance the body’s immune system bringing stress levels down.

Be Active
The best way to keep your mind and body healthy is to live an active lifestyle. Being a couch potato all day or even sitting in the office every single day will not help you relax. All your unused energy will just build up and stress you up.
Do some brisk walking from one errand to the next. Use the stairs when you can. Try some stationary jogging for a few minutes a day. Take the dog for a walk. Find ways to move your body and feel more alive.

Exercise Helps you Relax
Studies show that exercise has some effects similar to anxiety medications. When we work out the brain releases endorphins or natural pain relievers and this soothes any stress related physical tension. And when the physical tension is gone, the mental tension is eased as well.

Sleep Better
Another big help that exercise does is that you will be able to sleep better after a workout. Exercise is tiring and when the body feels tired, it naturally needs rest. This promotes sound sleep. And when we sleep, the body gets a chance to recharge and repair itself. By morning you will feel more relaxed and stress free.

Enjoy Yourself
Lastly, when choosing an exercise for you to do everyday, find something that you will enjoy doing. Otherwise your work out will be more of a burden than something relaxing. Go for yoga, swimming, dancing, tennis or anything that you would look forward to doing again. This way you find a recreational activity and overcome your panic and anxiety attacks as well.

Of course if you feel you cannot stick to your exercise tips alone, try starting an activity with your friends. Join an aerobics class or go cycling together. A little moral support and of course companionship while starting your new active lifestyle will help you achieve your goal.

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