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7 Great Ways To Improve Your Skin!

Does your skin lack a healthy, natural glow?
Get it back with these cheap and natural, easy-to-implement tips!

1) Drink green tea!
The anti-flammatory properties of green tea are great for improving the skin and a much better option than ordinary tea. Drink tow or three cups of green tea per day and watch your skin improve dramatically.
2) Cut down on greasy foods!
Greasy, fatty foods can cause havoc with your complexion and make you break out in spots on a regular basis. Worse, you could develop longer-term skin problems such as psoriasis. Reduce your intake of fried foods to see the benefits with a far healthier complexion.
3) Stop smoking!
As well as the more well-publicised health issues surrounding smoking, it also causes a host of other problems, including leaving you with dry, flaky skin. Stopping smoking is one great way to achieving healthier-looking, more attractive skin.
4) Be careful in the sun!
Too much exposure to sunlight can leave your skin prone to premature ageing. If you work outdoors, apply high factor sunblock and wear a hat. Be careful when settling down on the sun-lounger for the day, too, by spending some time out of the sun to give your skin a chance to recover.
5) Cut down on the dairy!
Harvard School Of Public Health research has found that people who drink milk are around 30 per cent more likely to develop acne than those who drink minimal amounts of milk. Try to cut milk, cheese and other dairy from your diet where possible and your skin condition will improve accordingly.
6) Get plenty of sleep!
Sleeping for around eight hours a night not only gives you far more energy than if you just sleep for around only an hour per day less than that, but because you’ll be putting less stress on your body by doing so, it allows your skin to repair itself too.
7) Eats lots of fruit and vegetables!
The nutrients contained in fruit and vegetables not only ensure you’re healthy on the inside,but they make your skin positively glow as well. Aim for at least five pieces of fruit and veg a day – and more if you can – and watch your skin improve beyond measure.
You’re now in possession of some great ways to improve the condition of your skin, and if you act on the information in this short article, you won’t look back.
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