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How To Build Your Body: Food and Exercise

Going on the web and researching the right way to build your body, or bodybuilders, fitness tips, body fitness, fitness and the right diet for achieving the right body form, you will learn that there is a system. You have to do it right if you are to achieve the shape and build you want. This means you have to exercise right, eat right and rest. Simply going to the gym and increasing your food intake will not do the trick.
There are certain protocols and plans to be followed. These plans may vary from individual to individual, but the basic principles remain the same. You need a balanced diet, strength training, cardiovascular workouts and stretching. All these have to be incorporated in the right quantities for your plan to work.

Eating a balanced diet
The reason most of the world is obese and exceptionally unfit now is the junk food that we eat. Fast food restaurants and supermarkets sell fried and processed foods that do nothing but increase the calories and lower our health rating.
The best and most sustainable way of achieving body fitness is to have a healthy diet, continuously. This means that you have to include all the big body building blocks in your diet.
Proteins, carbohydrates, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. You have to put an end or at the very least limit how much fat and sugar you take in.
Try and eat as much natural produce as you can. This means vegetables, fruits and nuts. Whole grains and the healthy kind of meat, white, and lean proteins. The fresh produce will serve as your source of vitamins and nutrients. These keep your body functioning efficiently.
Additionally, the fruits and vegetables contain some antioxidants that go a long way in protecting you from free radicals that have been known to cause health issues.
Including whole grains in your diet means that you will at the very least have enough energy for exercise required to achieve body fitness. Furthermore, whole grains are good for your heart, unlike fried and processed foods.
Bodybuilders want to build muscle above all else. For this, you will need lean proteins. This includes meals such as fish, poultry, soy products and lean beef.
Eating lots of lean protein before and after your fitness sessions will keep you energized.
To keep your body hydrated and to flush out most of the toxins you ingest, drink plenty of water. Keep a bottle near you. Drink water all day long and particularly before, during and after body fitness sessions.
Strength training
This is one of the most important aspects of bodybuilding. You need muscles and that means you need strength training. This involves weight training either at the gym or through using your own body weight. 
It is highly advisable that you do not overstrain when using weights. Even though your muscles grow when you lift weights that are outside your comfort zones and ones the muscles aren’t used to, you do not want to lift too much too soon. This can cause tears to the muscle and other forms of injuries.
Not to mention discouragement. You are to gradually increase the weights. Train with what you can stand at first, then slowly increase the weight and intensity as you get stronger and leaner. Always be sure to train all the major body parts: your arms, thighs, core, shoulders, hamstrings and glutes. Alternate your training sessions so you do not train the same part twice in a row. You need time for your muscles to heal, this is when they recover and grow.
Exercise for the heart
Cardiovascular exercise is paramount. If you want an all round healthy and fit body, you need to work out your heart and lungs too. This means, aerobic exercises, walking, running and swimming.Swimming happens to be one of the best forms of exercises known to man today. Not only does it exercise the heart and lungs, but it also involves all the major groups of muscles. Taking at least 30 minutes of your exercise routine everyday and dedicating it to Cardio is important. You can vary the exercises to target different body parts and to keep your endurance levels up.
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