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How Exercise Can Make You Happy

Scientific studies have shown that there is a direct link between mental and physical health. People that are healthy physically are much more likely to be content with their life, so if you feel like you are often suffering from a range of emotions and don’t have much stability in your life, starting an exercise regime may be the answer…
When it comes to your emotions, feeling well mentally is about having a healthy mindset. This might mean you feel confident, have a good sense of purpose, feel self assured, can deal with difficult situations and generally have a good outlook on and contentment with life.

A person with a good sense of well being will be able to stay happy, healthy and strong and develop good relationships with the people around them.

The Relation Between Exercise and Happiness 

Although exercise is of course great for your body, it has also been known to help create a good sense of mental well being as well, and although it may seem hard to believe, it is true that exercise can indeed make you happy!

Exercise is a great way of getting rid of sad feelings, stress and anger. When you exercise, your brain allows your body to release a range of hormones and neurochemicals which make you experience a feeling of euphoria. This can be a sudden rush of the happy feeling, or it can be an overall sense of well being in day to day life.

When you are stressed, the hormones of adrenaline and cortisol are waiting for release in your brain and body. Without a productive output, these can block your receptors in your brain, which help with dealing with emotion, staying calm and improving memory. When you exercise, these chemicals can be released into the body in order to make you happy.

Benefits of Exercise 
Exercise is great for a number of reasons, and when it comes to emotional well being, exercise is the number one treatment.

Stress Relief – Exercise puts your body under a very small amount of pressure, and when you exercise on a regular basis, your body builds up a stronger immunity to dealing with other stressful situations. This means your body is less likely to be sensitive to stressful situations and can deal with them much better than if you had not exercised at all.

Exercise also has a number of health benefits on top of the advantages it can do for your mental health. These include reducing the risk of heart disease, improving muscular strength to prevent back or joint pain, regulates your blood pressure, prevents premature ageing, some cancer forms, and also helps prevent against early death.

To prevent a number of health issues and keep your mind healthy and happy too, then it is recommended that you about 20 minutes to half an hour of exercise more than three times per week. Whether it’s an aerobic class, swimming or cycling to work you’ll soon feel and see the benefits!

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