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How You Can Achieve Hip Pain Relief Naturally

By Jeanette Suzy Banual

There are various of causes for hip pain including, joint problems, pelvic misalignments and chronic conditions involving cartilage damage. The hips and the lower extremities provide important support for the entire body offering stability, strength, flexibility, and mobility. If problems exist with other areas are unable to withstand the stress they bear and pain results in the entire body.The hip is described as the largest of the ball and socket joints within the body and serves to connect the femur or thighbone to the pelvic region. These bones are supported and prevented from chafing where cartilage is present; however, should cartilage become worn it will result in increased swelling and discomfort. While degeneration such as arthritis is responsible for symptoms, it can also be attributed to previous traumas, fractures, and dislocations.
In a large number of situations, the experience of discomfort may not actually be coming from the hips, but from the SI or sacroiliac joint. The SI joint is positioned close to the bony area above the buttocks involving a sliding action when movement occurs. Due to the fact that pain is experienced in the hip, buttock, limbs, groin, and thighs many individuals are unsure of the cause for discomfort.

For pregnant women or those who have experienced childbirth, there is an increase in the risk for developing SI joint problems. Where improper posture is engaged or one remains seated for lengthy periods of time, the sensitive vertebrae and tissues will sustain damage and restrictions. The chiropractor aims to assist in alleviating hip pain with the application of pelvic alignment and techniques for rehabilitation involving stretching and strengthening exercises.

According to the medical treatment model, the problems of the hips and sacroiliac joints may be addressed with steroid injections, medication, and NSAIDs. These types of prescriptions only serve as a temporary aid and does not attend to the source for discomfort. The side effects of these particular drugs can hinder recovery processes.

A chiropractic practitioner will perform a professional evaluation of the hip and pelvis. X-rays may also be helpful to identify the source of painful symptoms. The chiropractor will then methods that serve to address the individual causes for the dysfunction naturally based methods. Typically a chiropractor will perform adjustments or manipulations to address misaligned sacroiliac joints.

This adjustment technique applied by a doctor of chiropractic can be performed by various methods depending upon the individual needs of the patient. Chiropractic treatment methods reduce pressure on sensitive nerves and relax muscles to facilitate mobility. This procedure offers great levels of relief for those suffering from hip pain.

Exercises involving strengthening and stretching serve to improve the function of muscles, ligaments, and tissues. It is considered a suitable means of intervention to aid in sacroiliac joint problems and to promote a healthier way of living. Relief from hip pain can be provided with safe and naturally based methods so that restrictions are alleviated and individuals are able to live a better quality of life.

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