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Low Calorie, High Energy Foods

It’s very important to watch your calorie intake while trying to lose weight. The most common problem, however, is when cutting calories you typically are cutting out sources of energy. The key is to find low calorie foods that can provide you enough energy to stay active. Below are a list of foods that are exactly that – low calorie, high energy.

Oatmeal. Oatmeal is a great source of fiber. It’s also low in fat and low in calories. Studies show oatmeal has great cardiovascular benefits. It’s ability to lower your bad cholesterol and increase your good cholesterol decreases many risks of heart disease. Try to eat organic oatmeal with low sugar for best results. Use nonfat milk versus low-fat to add calcium and don’t be afraid to add mixed berries or banana’s for added taste.

Yogurt. Yogurt is an excellent source of calcium. Calcium is good for bone strength and helps boost your immune system to keep you infection free. The prohibotics and bacilli in yogurt helps maintain your digestive system and intestinal track. Remember to consume nonfat or low-fat yogurt for lower calories and fat. Again, add mixed berries or banana’s for added taste and health benefits.

Spinach. Spinach has many health benefits. Spinach is often referred to as the vegetable with super healing powers. It’s full of vitamins and antioxidants and other disease fighting properties. It’s a great source of fiber and vitamin C.

These three low calorie, high energy foods are just a few suggestions to consider. Fish like salmon, tuna and sardines are excellent sources of omega-3 fatty acids which have major cardiovascular benefits. Fish is low calorie, low fat, and typically high in protein for much needed energy.

Tip of the day. Try to eat your vegetable and fruits in a “raw state”. When vegetables are cooked they lose a majority of their nutrients. The best way to do this is by using a high speed blender to liquefy the fruits and vegetables for easier consumption. If mixed right, it usually taste great.

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