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Get Rid of Stomach Flab and Get Flat Abs With This Secret

A couple major problems I see as a fitness professional are that most people who are trying to lose stomach fat:

1. Most people spend way too much of their exercise efforts focusing on cardio based workouts, when in fact, a properly designed, high intensity strength training routine causes a much better hormonal response and metabolic rate increase than cardio based workout programs. 

Also, as long as the strength training workout is designed with the right types of full body multi-joint exercises, and with the right types of rest intervals and intensity, you can actually burn as many calories (if not more calories) than with a typical Cardio workout.

2. Another problem is that many people still think that they should be spending all of their workout time doing exercises that specifically target the stomach area and obliques. I think you should understand by now that spending all of your time doing exercises targeting the abs doesn’t do much to burn the fat off of your stomach and love handles area.

Again, your time in your workouts could be much better spent by focusing on strategic strength training exercise combinations and full body training that will result in a much better decrease of body fat over time. 
3. When it comes to diet, many people try to follow some sort of fad diet that restricts a certain macronutrient too much… Like extremely low fat diets, or super low carb diets. The fact is that your body needs all of the macronutrients and food groups to maintain proper balance and build muscle and burn fat most effectively. Trying to eliminate certain food groups or macronutrients in general sets most people up for failure.

The main focus should be on avoiding processed foods, artificial ingredients, trans fats (hydrogenated oils), high fructose corn syrup, and other junk foods, while focusing on a whole-food organic diet full of variety and high nutrient density. 

Many times when people get past the fads and gimmick diets and start to eat in a balanced whole food manner, a lot of the problems they were having start to take care of themselves, and the body fat starts to melt off, energy levels increase, and hormones are back in balance.

See below for more of the key secrets to flattening your stomach and bringing out sexy flat ABS for life.

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