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Fresh Juice Health Benefits – Fruits and Vegetable Juices for Particular Needs

The human body needs to live foods to maintain a healthy body. Live food means uncooked fruits and vegetables. When we eat fresh fruits and vegetables, our bodies extract as liquid what they need from the fiber. This extracted liquid is the juice, which contains the same nutrient as the juice you make in your kitchen with the juicer. The good thing in drinking juice is you are eliminating a digestive process (extracting the liquid from the fiber) therefore the nutrients are released instantly in the body through the bloodstream.
By adding at least 2 glasses of fruit and vegetable juice in your diet, you will surely feel great and look terrific.

Difference of Vegetable and Fruit Juice: Vegetables are the building blocks of life, responsible for strong, healthy muscles, tissues, glands, and organs. By consuming vegetables in juice form, you are assured that you get nearly 100 percent of the available nutrients, particularly minerals. Fruits are the revitalize and cleansers of the body.

How juicer works? The juicer separates the juice from the fiber so that what you drink is pulp-free and your body receives the maximum amount of nutrients in minutes.
What is the difference between the fresh bottled juice in the market and the juice you make using your own juicer? The juice from the juicer is different from bottled, canned, or concentrated juices sold in the supermarket.

  • First, it is absolutely fresh-which is important because nutrients lose a lot of value soon after juicing.
  • Second, juice from the juicer is not pasteurized, which means “cooked or heated” and so is bursting with the living cells which is important to good health.
  • Finally, fresh juice is absolutely pure, free of additives and preservatives.

Fresh Juice Health Benefits:

  • It flushes out body toxins, leaving you feeling refreshed, energized, and relaxed.
  • It will make your skin glow, your hair shine and your breath fresh.
  • Individuals who drink three or four glasses of different juice combinations a day report that they have more energy and fewer colds and other infections.
  • You will experience that your joint will become flexible again.
  • Your teeth and gums will be less prone to bleeding and cavities.
  • If you are already suffering from chronic disease you will feel that drinking more glasses of fresh juice, especially green vegetable juice which contain chlorophyll will make you feel better and might even cure you. Chlorophyll which is found only in plant appears to combat tumor growth. There are numerous health problems that are helped or sometimes prevented simply through a healthful diet of juice and raw vegetables.
  • Juicing maximizes the amount of healing compounds that can be consumed each day. You can squeeze all the nutrients in 5 oranges into one 8oz glass.
  • Juicing process breaks open tough plant-cell walls, which triples that amount of nutrient absorbed into the bloodstream to neutralize acid, stimulate the release of stored fat and improve the body’s ability to flush fat-trapping chemicals.
  • Juicing restores your liver’s ability to produce detoxifying enzymes.
  • Juicing has been proven effective in helping to increase energy, clearer skin, improve digestion, improve memory and balance hormone.

Fruits and Vegetables for particular needs: Juicing therapists and manuals suggest various combinations of fruits and vegetables to treat specific problems.

  • Apple juice cleans the kidneys and liver. It can also ease arthritis and rheumatism.
  • Beets are famous for their ability to cleanse the blood and strengthen the gall bladder and liver. Beets are said to be an effective remedy for Leukemia. Beet juice is very concentrated, so a little goes a long way; try 20% of the total amount.
  • Broccoli contains strong anti-cancer properties.
  • Cabbage juice is one of the most healing nutrients for stomach repair; it is an effective ulcer treatment. Cabbage is rich in sulfur and selenium, which are both beneficial for joint stiffness. The juicing remedy uses half a head of green cabbage, a stalk of celery, and a seeded apple.
  • Celery is a nerve tonic. It is beneficial for people suffering from depression and anxiety.
  • Cranberries have anti-bacterial, inflammatory and tumor properties. It helps to clean the kidneys, because it helps lower uric acid levels (often associated with gout and joint pain).
  • Cucumber juice is high in silica, which is a mineral which strengthens connective tissue, and is good for tendons, muscles, cartilage, bones, and ligaments. It is reported that silica is also good for skin elasticity, fingernails, complexion, and hair loss.
  • Ginger: To prevent nausea from pregnancy or motion sickness. Prepare 1/2 – in slice of fresh ginger, 1lemon, 1 apple, 2 cups flat ginger ale. Put ginger, lemon, and apple through juicer; stir the mixture into the ginger ale, and sip as needed.
  • Wheatgrass juice is high in chlorophyll which can help boost immune system, cleans the liver and kidneys and it is also said to be good for both skin and hair.
  • Calcium shake: A good drink for those who don’t like milk or have difficulty drinking it. Prepare 1 cup broccoli florets, 2-3 kale leaves, 3-4 carrots (remove the top), and ½ apple. Juice ingredients together and chill.
  • Folate tonic: A good booster of this B vitamin for women on birth control pills or during pregnancy. To prepare: 1 orange, 2-3 carrots, 1 cup chopped kale, handful of parsley. Remove carrot tops; put the ingredients through juicer: Chill and serve.
  • Potassium Booster: To restore potassium stores after diarrhea or when taking diuretics. To prepare: 1 orange, ½ cantaloupe, 2 or 3 carrots, and banana. Put first three ingredients through juicer; puree, banana in a blender and mix with juice.
  • For Iron: To build iron reserves; a good drink during pregnancy. To prepare: 1 bunch parsley, 1 red pepper, 1 cup broccoli florets, and 3 raw carrots. Put ingredients through juicer; flavor with lemon or orange juice if desired.
  • Vitamin C juice. A good drink when you feel a cold is coming on, or if you already have cold it may speed your recovery. To prepare: 1 kiwi, 1 mango (peeled), ½ cantaloupe, and ½ cup strawberries or a combination of parsley, lemon, watercress, red pepper, kale. Put ingredients through a juicer and serve chilled.
  • Zinc juice drink. Ginger root, parsley, potato, garlic, and carrot is said to prevent infections. Put ingredients through a juicer and serve chilled.


  • If you do use fruit in your juice, especially apple, don’t eat anything solid for 60-90 minutes afterwards, to prevent indigestion. Let the juice do its work by itself, so that it is the only thing in your digestive tract.
  • It is important to know that the juice should be consumed on the spot because the nutrient content lessens as time pass.
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