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Free and Affordable Personal Training and Trainer Prices or Cost

7 Ways to save money on Personal Training

1. Workout with a friend or two. Most trainers will charge a slightly higher fee, let’s say $90 for two people ($45 each) instead of $75 for 1 person. You will not get one-on-one attention, but it will save you quite a bit of money. (Semiprivate sessions could be up to 3 clients. Remember, anytime I mention numbers, it would be good to keep in mind that each trainer may have different definitions for semi-private and group training, so be sure to ask)

2. Train in a group. Can be 4 or more people and even up to 50 people in one boot camp. You will have to ask the rates because they vary so much, but generally speaking, it will cost about $10-20 a session for group training. The Idea of these first two ways to save money is that the more people in the session then the cheaper it is.

3. If you drive for them at their studio or gym then you usually save at least $10 right there. It takes the trainer time to get to your place. So lets say that you want them to come to you at 5:30pm and you live in LA. Because of the time of day there will be lots of traffic so maybe the trainer would have to leave his place at 5pm just to get to you by 5:30pm. That may be 30 minutes to you and 20 minutes back. The trainer will put whatever value he thinks on this 50 minutes and charge you for it and include it in the price when they quote you. So if you go to them, then it will save you whatever drive time they were going to charge you.

4. Find a trainer close to you. When having a trainer come to you then it’s usually best to find one closest to you so that they don’t charge you so much for drive time. This is why they will almost always ask you where you live. They need to figure out how long it would take to get to you. So it may be best to find a trainer closest to you. If one travels far charges $90 but someone close to you may go as low as $60. And if you are going 3x a week, then you will save $360 a month!!

5. Ask if you could get a better rate if you worked out at a different time. Some trainers offer discounts for times of the day when they are not busy or if you come to them right after or before they have a client because it would make the trainer’s day flow better. They may be looking for a morning or an afternoon client at a specific time that would work just perfect for them. So see if you could get a deal if you worked with their schedule.

6. Purchase more sessions up front. It usually doesn’t save a lot, but if you buy more sessions at once, then you may get a deal. Like paying for 20 sessions up front verses 10 sessions. So ask the trainer if they will give you a deal if you buy more sessions. You could even buy 40 or more sessions if you both agree.

7. Get rid of all the extra stuff. If you don’t need diet help or measurements, extensive evaluations, text reminders to eat right and workout then don’t pay for it. So ask if you could get a better rate if all they do is train you. Usually the extra’s are very beneficial, but if you just don’t have the money, then you may not have a choice. So get rid of anything extra that they may be charging you for that you don’t need or can’t afford right now.

3 Ways to get Free Personal Training

1. Write reviews on line for them. Many trainers are listed with all sorts of different websites that you could write a review for them on. Maybe you could get a session or two for free if you were so kind as to write some reviews.

2. Participate in a before and after the program. If you are fully dedicated and I mean fully dedicated, no excuses and listen to everything the trainer tells you to do in regards to eating and working out then you could get a deal because it would be great publicity for them.

3. Refer them business. Most in home personal trainers and independent trainers in gyms will give you a session or two for free when you refer a friend that purchases training. Unfortunately, not all franchise gyms that have personal training will do this, so you have to ask.

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