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Foods for Healthy Skin: Healthy Dieting for Your Skin

Many women (me included) spend many hours and dollars striving for clear, healthy, and vibrant skin. And while our daily Dermalogica regime works wonders, the types of foods you consume in your daily diet play a major role in your skin condition. Your diet, even if it seems healthy, can be low in key nutrients, which are essential for healthy skin.
How to have healthy skin, my list of healthy foods for healthy skin…

– Blueberries have the most antioxidants per serving compared to any other commonly consumed fruits. Berries also fight the premature aging process caused by pollution and UV exposure so they are a great addition to your diet for healthy skin.
– Broccoli, Red Capsicum and Papaya are excellent sources of vitamin C and great foods for healthy skin. Research suggests that vitamin C may help protect skin cells against sun damage by promoting the repair of DNA that’s been harmed by UV rays.
– Spinach is a super-charged antioxidant that helps repair skin cells and slows down skin cancer cells. Spinach also helps to give skin a youthful glow while preventing aging. Popeye’s favourite green vegetable is full of lutein, potassium, fiber and folate, which also help with DNA repair that restores skin cells damaged by the sun and helps keep them cancer-free. (*Hint-hint, wink-wink* spinach is a must, so be sure it’s right at the top of your ‘healthy foods for healthy skin’ shopping list).
– Edamame is rich in isoflavones, which act like antioxidants fighting against harmful free radicals caused by sun exposure. Isoflavones may also help to preserve skin-firming collagen, which begins to decline starting in our twenties.
– Pomegranates are packed with polyphenol antioxidants that fight free radicals and regulate skin’s blood flow, giving it rosiness.
– The omega-3 fatty acids found in salmon, sardines and walnuts are responsible for the overall health of the various cells in the body – the stronger the walls of the cells the more water is retained, which helps in making skin cells look more vibrant and youthful.
– Almonds are rich in vitamin E and monounsaturated fat (the ‘good’ fat) known for lowering cholesterol and keeping cell membranes strong. Almonds, and in fact all nuts are a great sources of protein, essential fats and great for vegetarians – another must for your ‘healthy foods for healthy skin’ shopping list.
Kidney Beans are high in zinc and studies indicate that the healing properties in zinc contribute to blemish free skin.
While there are many essential foods for healthy skin, there are of course those key foods we should avoid.
3 Things to avoid as part of your healthy dieting plan:
1- Sugar causes wrinkles and dull skin as it damages your collagen and elastin, which are the important fibers that keep your skin firm.
2- Salt causes tissues to swell and can make your face look puffy.
3- Any high glycemic foods such as pasta, white bread and cakes have been linked to an increase in acne, so stick to whole grains. Whole wheat and oats are full of antioxidants and also act as an anti-inflammatory.
Whether you have normal, oily, or dry skin, if you supply your body with the right nutrients you will be on your way to smoother, healthier looking skin.
These are the foods that have personally helped improve my skin health. This of course, isn’t an exhaustive list, but hopefully it will get you started in the right direction and help you plan a simple list of staple foods for healthy skin.
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