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Facial Exercise – Is It a Good Alternative to Plastic Surgery?

Facial exercise is a method used to contract the muscles to give your face a more toned and uplifted appearance. Just like we do exercises to make our body tight and firm, we could reap the same benefits by exercising our face. Many people do not consider or haven’t even heard about facial exercises because it is not something that is regularly discussed.

Plastic surgery offers some level of success that can be seen in a shorter period of time, which attracts certain individuals who wants results now. This method however is expensive to most and so many opt for inexpensive and less invasive solutions like Botox or injections containing fullers that can last for up to a year. There are a lot of medical advancements that are making real strides in the area of cosmetic surgery. In certain cases, plastic surgery can be a necessary course to those who were in a serious accident or have medical issues that simply cannot be ignored.

When used correctly facial exercises can add a beautiful alternative to its more expensive counterparts. Many people do not believe that there are significant benefits to these exercises, mainly because you will not see immediate results. We live in a world where people are so impatient and only want instant gratification. They will not take the time to do these exercises or will stop shortly after because they feel they are not seeing any change. Patience is key when performing these exercises and when done correctly, can be a great long term investment on how you look.
Facial exercises are done by placing your fingers at certain pressure points on your face while adding resistance to work the muscles effectively. There are exercises that address all the issues that can fix wrinkles, makes our skin tighter and gives us a natural glow due to the amount of blood circulation going on during the exercises. Consider these exercises:

Eye lifts 

Eye lifts are done by placing four of your fingers just below each eye brow and stretching it up as high as you can. While your fingers are extending your eyebrows up try to close your eyes for ten seconds, then release and try again for ten more reps. You will not believe the difference in only after a few days of constant repetition.

Laugh line / Nasolabial folds 

These are the lines that extend from the side of the lower part of your nose all the way down to the sides of your mouth. These lines often make you look tired or sad when you are not. This can be a tough one as these lines are difficult to get rid of. Start by placing your index fingers on the lines vertically, then raising them up until they are horizontal. Then make your mouth like it is blowing out a candle and keep doing these reps. Do this for at least two minutes. Not only will they minimize the look of your folds, but will also give you high cheek bones.

High Cheekbones 

One method is to suck in your cheeks to resemble a fish face, and then attempt to smile. You should feel the burn as you are building resistance in your cheeks and they are getting a good work out. Another one is to blow out your cheeks as if they are filled with water, then move the air inside your mouth from side to side as if you have mouth wash. This exercise actually helps reduce fat on your face too.

These are just some of many exercises that you can perform to give you that needed lift. Remember, when doing facial exercises you have to do them often so that your face will not resort to sagginess. Results can be seen in only a few days, but you have to continue to do them. The more you do them the better you will look and eventually you will not have to do them as often, only a couple days a week for maintenance. Full results can be seen in six months with continuous use. Some facial exercise experts think you will see the full benefits in about six months.
Plastic surgery definitely has its place and is a necessary fixture in the medical community, but if you are looking for a non-painful, inexpensive alternative that will give similar results then facial exercise is a viable option.
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