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Healthy Alternatives to Popcorn Toppings

Invented back in the 1800’s by the Native Americans in Mexico, popcorn is a snack rich in fiber and low in calories. The whole grain snack just has a gram of fat that is placed on the corn. It’s the toppings we chose for flavored popcorn that might turn it into an unhealthy snack with a lot of calories, fat and sodium.
One serving has five cups of popped popcorn with approximately two tablespoons of popcorn kernel yields. It makes up to 7 grams of fiber and 110 calories. That is not a lot of calories for munching in five cups of popcorn.

After its advent in New Mexico, it spread to China, India and eventually, North America too. European Explorers tested popcorn in North America, and that is how it trailed to Europe too. In those times, popcorn was used as food for breakfast. Many colonists loved having popcorn with sugar and cream as a type of cereal.
Likewise, Native Americans, the people who created it, popped corn by throwing the corn into a stone of fire. Eventually, as time passed, stone of fires were replaced by stone pots and clay. Many tribes still use these. With Science takes over, we now have microwaves for making popcorn.
Some Tips for a Healthy Popcorn Snack

  1. Avoid purchasing ready popcorn: When you purchase ready-made popcorn, you are really not aware of the materials used to make the popcorn. The quality of corn used or even the topping that has been used cannot be trusted. There might be retailers out there who might give you the lowest quality popcorn for the premium price. The diligent call to action should prompt you to buy a popcorn machine and to make your own personalized serving with whatever flavor you want to add in.

  1. Choose Organic Popcorn: Regular or non organic popcorn made it to the top ten lists of the FDA’s most commonly contaminated foods with chemicals and pesticides. Organic popcorn is healthier and free of pesticides and preservatives.

  1. Healthier Popcorn Toppings: Looking for low sodium popcorn or using unsalted versions of butter and margarines would maintain the essence of popcorn. Known for its low sodium, popcorn is healthy for your heart, provided that you do not add salt components or toppings in big quantities. Likewise, adding salt free chili or cayenne will give you the flavor you want to control the amount of sodium used. A popcorn maker is likely to mix the flavor and the topping, so there is least you have to worry about.

Be creative with trying healthy flavored oils, lower sodium alternatives and healthy seasonings to add flavor to your popcorn.
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Some Rules for Healthy Eating

Eating healthy is to have a balanced diet, that is to say get essential nutrients in accordance with good proportion of protein intake, fat and carbohydrates, but also avoid as much or certain toxic pollutants and guard against the risk of infection.

Here some rules for healthy eating

– Never skip meals
Meals must be distributed by three main meals during the day.. Morning meal proper prevents hunger of 10:00, lunch (it not means sandwich every day) and dinner, less heavy because it is not followed by a significant energy expenditure before the sleeping time.

– Mix vegetables, starches and proteins at each meal
This is the synergy of these 3 food groups that will help you prevent fatigue and snacks! In case the food is reduced, choose the mixed sandwich with vegetables, bread or cereal.

– Do not over- grease
For cooking, choose vegetable fats (oils, margarine). Also consider cooking methods that require little fat (steam loop Grill),  less fat than homemade sauces already available.

– Reduce salt intake
Do not consume more than 8-9 grams per day. Take into account herbs and spices that often good without the need to add salt.

– Limit sugary foods
Sodas, cakes, puddings, are full…Stay away from unhealthy accumulation or opt for cakes “house” which is always less saturated industrial preparations sugar.

– Stop snacking between meals
Snacks, sweets, chocolate… hard to reject! And yet… They are known as “empty” calories that contribute nothing to relieve the body and not hunger. In extreme and frequent schedule a cereal bar or fruit, healthy and fulfilling syndrome.

– Drinking water the whole day
Essential for hydration, tap water is the best and the cheapest! If you would like “spice up” your drink, lemon juice or mint leaves are perfect and they are sugar free!

– Stay Hungry, but wisely
Eating less and eating healthy it’s not to become unconditional or nutrition victim disconsolate! A well thought out diet should not be a punishment. And like any rule, involves exceptions.

– Do exercises every day
A healthy body in a healthy mind! Even if you’re not a great sportsperson, you should at least do 30 minutes of physical activity.

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