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Does Exercise Help Prevent Cancer?

Exercise could be considered to be one of the best alternative medicines known to man, something that can be self-inflicted upon the body by its owner as and when desired.
However, this being said and done, many of us do not realize the full potential that just a 30 minute daily workout (something which does not have to be done all at the same time) may actually bring to the body.

Not only does exercise give us a great looking body, but it also has other hidden benefits too. There are many theories as to these hidden benefits which are said to help prevent and conquer many diseases that are designed to damage and destroy the structure of the body’s organs.

These theories include:
1. The immune system is strengthened with the use of exercise, which in turn may actually stop many forms of cancer in its tracks. It is considered that a strong immune system can fight off disease in general.
2. The excretory system, and intestine actions are greatly increased by exercise, resulting in harmful substances that enter the body being excreted faster, thus not giving sufficient time for cancer cells to develop and take a hold on the body.
3. Usually people who exercise tend to be more conscious about their life-style habits. These may include, maintaining a well balanced and healthy diet which in turn greatly cuts down the risk of over consumption that in many cases can cause obesity, and other health related problems. Obesity is a known contributor to the development of cancer.
4. Exercise also increases the blood flow to the heart, at the same time strengthening the heart’s contractions so as it is able to pump blood around the body easier. This can be a major factor in combating heart related diseases.

Regular Exercise:
If one does not have time to go to the gym, then many exercises can actually be preformed while at work, on the way to work, or on the way back home, and may not actually need to infringe on one’s daily life-style. For example:

1. Walking or cycling to and from work are great cardiovascular exercises that tend to keep down the obesity factor.
2. Taking the stairs instead of the lift to the second or third floor is another great exercise. If work is done on the top floor, then the lift can be taken part of the way until such times when the stairs can be taken all the way.
3. Shopping locally, as a walk to the shops together with carrying the groceries back home are also great exercises that will go towards the 30 minute daily routine.

So Yes! Exercise does actually help prevent many forms of cancer from developing.

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