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Cleansing Diets For Weight Loss

A cleansing diet is a way to rid your body of excess toxins or food stuffs. Most of the time this type of a diet could mean one of several different types of approaches. Some diets involve eating only one or two different types of foods. Some diets involve eating no food at all and drinking only liquids. Some types of cleanses allow the person to eat several types of foods. It is really very personal and individualized on what type of cleansing diet you select.

We are all exposed to chemical toxins in our every day life. We often do not stop to think about this, but it is true. By following a cleansing diet every few months or so it will rid us of these toxins and allow our bodily systems to function more efficiently.

A popular type of cleansing diet is drinking only bottled water and freshly squeezed juices. You would not want to stay on this type of a diet too long due to its intensity, but a popular length of time for a cleansing diet is between 3 to 7 days. This type of cleanse is also used before some testing of the lower and upper gastrointestinal tract.

Another common practice in a cleansing diet is a vegan type of diet consisting of uncooked, all natural fruits and vegetables. No meat or carbohydrates are eaten on this type of a diet. Beverages consist of either water or freshly squeezed juices.

It is important to remember that although a cleansing diet is a good practice every so often, if you do start to feel ill you should eat a little something more substantial. You do not need to eat a full course meal, but only to nibble on something that is a bit more filling. You should also remember that it is advisable to take a multivitamin every day, drink plenty of water, get an adequate amount of sleep or even a little bit more sleep than usual, and always check with your doctor first to get his approval on participating in a cleansing diet.

Cleansing diets were practiced naturally before people expected to eat 3 large meals a day. Farmers ate large breakfasts and dinners but often missed lunch because they were hard at work in the fields. Groups of people who lived through hunting and gathering often went a day or two without food when it couldn’t be found. This type of eating plan naturally allowed the body to cleanse itself.

When you are nearing the end of your cleansing diet you should gradually introduce any food back in to your body a little bit at a time. You do not want to shock or overload your body all at once. Remember that your body has gone without its normal every day intake now for a few days or more. It will need time to readjust. Light eating is best after your body has readjusted. Your body does not need to be weighed back down with all kinds of heavy caloric intake.

A toxin-free body is an ideal goal to aim for. A toxin-laden body cannot work at peak performance and bodily systems will be prone to upset. Detoxify yourself every so often with a cleansing diet to keep your body machine running at its best.

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