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Burn Calories – Over 500 Calories in 30 Minutes With Indoor Cycling

Are you looking to lose weight, tone your legs, and have fun while doing it? It may sound like an over-inflated rhetorical question, but the truth is that spinning, or indoor cycling, can give you all three of these things. Many people claim that after years of trying different exercises and Cardio machines, spinning gives the best results. Why? Because the classes are organized to challenge and push the participants while providing a fun and positive environment.

If you are looking to lose weight, there is no better option. Indoor cycling will melt the pounds off. Research has shown that an average 30 minute indoor cycling class will help you burn around 500 calories. I challenge you to equal that efficiency with any of…

the other advertised “low-impact” exercises. Most other exercises would take at least double the time to burn so many calories. The amount of calories burned can even go higher depending on the intensity of your workout, so push yourself if you can. Indoor cycling is also a great Cardio exercise because you can stick with it year round. It is not affected by weather or other adverse conditions you may find when exercising outdoors.
Indoor cycling has many health and fitness benefits, including weight loss, cardiovascular, and muscle building. Many spinners agree that spinning is the best Cardio workout you can do. Many spin enthusiasts also claim spinning it is the hardest and best workout they have ever found. I would have to agree. There is no other workout that leaves me feeling like I just accomplished a huge feat and went beyond what I thought my body was capable of. And although it is” “hard” in its intensity, it isn’t hard for beginners to start. Its also no impact by nature so your feet and knees won’t hurt. This makes indoor cycling a great workout for people of all ages, even older adults with joint problems.
Indoor cycling even helps increase lung capacity and cardiovascular health. The intense workout gets your heart pumping faster, which is beneficial on many levels. To top it all off, indoor cycling will tone your thighs, calfs, hips, butt, and core. It is especially great for the thighs, and the additional muscle created by spinning will increase your metabolism to burn even more calories. So what are you waiting for? Find an indoor cycling program at your local gym and start melting those pounds away!
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