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How to Get Ripped Six Pack Abs

Everyone wants to have a nice six pack to go along with all other muscle gains. In the summer time when people are going to the beach or pool, a six pack is what sets your physique off nicely. It shows your dedication to your workout routine and eating habits. Here are some tips to help sculpt a six pack for the summer.
There are three major areas one needs to focus on in order to obtain great abs. Your abs are present, but they need to be revealed and toned. They are not seen if you have too much body fat. Nutrition, weight training, and cardio all play a significant role in uncovering your six pack. Let’s examine each area.

Nutrition is important in any phase of bodybuilding/weight training. The nutritional needs of each phase changes based on your desired results. Since we are focusing on revealing abs, we employ a nutrition cycle that includes:

1. Cutting carbs
2. Maintaining appropriate protein intake levels
3. Increasing fat intake

Carbs need to be cut to help your body go into a phase primed for reducing body fat. What I like to do is cycle carbs. In the morning up until around 12pm, I will have the bulk of my carbs. At night, since my body is getting ready for rest, I don’t eat any carbs since they will likely be stored as fat. I start out at about 1-2 grams of carbs per pound of body weight. For example I weigh about 185, so my typical carb intake would be about 185- 370 grams of carbs. Make sure that your carb intake is from healthy sources like yams, oats, and beans. You want to avoid simple sugars as much as possible. Every week the carbs are decreased. If you were starting with 1-2 grams in week one, then week two would be reduced to.75-1 and so on. Experimentation is important since everyone will react differently to the changes in carb intake.

Weight Training
The workout plan that you employ will play a significant role. Your workouts should be intense meaning your rest periods between sets will be low. You should go for higher reps with reduced weight. The higher reps help to raise your metabolic rate. Since your nutrition is optimized for fat loss, your weight training will be supported for this goal. Your energy will come from fat oxidation rather than from carbs since your body will not have as many carbs to use for energy. This is why protein intake should be high. You don’t want to lose a lot of muscle mass in this process. Try different types of ab workouts. The abs respond best to frequent workouts. Don’t be afraid to work them 3 times or more a week.

Cardio is very important to accelerate your results. There is some debate in the community about when to do cardio. I think experimentation is going to be a key component to your results. I would test cardio in the morning before you start your day. The argument here is that you will burn calories throughout the day. Try doing cardio after your main workout. The argument is that your body is in the best state to burn calories since you’ve exhausted your carbohydrate stores. You will find that different things will work.
A six pack is not very hard to attain. Depending on your current status, you can get a six pack in as little as a few weeks if you stick to a clean diet, proper weight training and cardio that maximizes fat loss. In some time you will be at the beach or in a pool showing off those six pack abs you worked so hard to obtain.

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Yes, You Can Also Change Your Body Build With Muscle

Human beings are all unique; yes we are currently available in all manner of shapes and sizes. You get the overweight endomorphs, the skinny ectomorphs and, sure, everyone is jealous of those athletic mesomorphs! Check out the body build of athletes competing in different sports; look at your tall, slender, long jumper compared to your powers, often squat 100 meter sprinter. The same goes for folks who wish to alter their body build with muscle – it’s all down to their basic shape of how their training will commence and develop.

We don’t have much control over our body build… It’s inherited by us in our genes. Our build can be broken down into three rather separate categories. We will initially deal with body type. This is where we categorize a persons external features as either muscular, bony, angular or fat. Next we have a persons body size. Here our body proportions are analyzed by a height to weight ratio comparison. Finally, we tackle body composition. We often remember our parents or grandparents describing us as ‘big or small-boned’ when in effect they are referring to the fat and muscle content that make up our bodies.
In reality very few of us can be categorized into any one of the three body shapes mentioned in the opening paragraph. We tend to be a combination of the three! It is a fact, however, national and international standard athletes tend to possess a greater degree of mesomorphy in their physical makeup. Bodies that are broad-shouldered, narrow-hipped with well-muscled arms and legs respond very well to physical training. They possess more explosive power in the form of fast muscle-twitch fibers which makes them excel at sprinting and contact sports like football. Those athletes that possess a more endomorphic or rounded body builds tend to have to diet when they are training to achieve a muscular body build. These types of athletes tend to excel in sports such as weightlifting.
Marathon runners, triathletes and professional cyclists tend to display the ectomorph or skinny body build. They are simply built for endurance. If you increase your muscle content you will undoubtedly change your body build. As an example, you will change your body description, type whenever you lose weight, due to your physical proportions changing (this is pretty common for people in everyday life). It is vital to understand that our body build will change as we add muscle to our frames.
By using strength training to build muscle we can drastically improve our body build. Typically, strength training consists of flexibility exercises and prolonged aerobic activity to increase our cardiovascular rate. You must use some form of weight training to enable you to alter your body build with muscle. Free weights, such as barbells and dumbbells, when used in a carefully planned training schedule will actively work the separate muscle groups. Static weight machines will also help you with this. Although every body type will benefit from altering their body build with muscle, it is our commonest group, the endomorphs or round-shaped individuals, who will witness the greatest physical achievement when their body build is altered with muscle.
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