Build Muscle Without Weights – The 3 Best Exercises For Building Muscle Without Weights

Many people may be surprised to know that you can effectively build muscle without weights. When you think of building muscle the first thing that probably comes to mind is a bunch of big muscular guys in the gym grunting during each repetition until they let the weights come crashing down to the ground. What you may not know is that you can get even bigger and more muscular than these guys without lifting weights and without ever stepping foot into the gym.

Here are my top 3 exercises to build muscle without weights
Exercise #1 – Push ups
I’m sure that everyone is familiar with push ups but it seems like so few people actually do them anymore. Push ups are one the best ways to build up your chest and arms. Anyone that’s been to a military base knows that all those guys with huge chests and giant arms got that way from doing push ups. This is one the most effective exercises at building muscle without weights and it’s one of my favorites.
Exercise #2 – Pull ups
Pull ups are the very best way to build up your back muscles both in and out of the gym. To perform pull ups you will need a bar to hang from. These can be found in stores that sell exercise equipment or online and aren’t very expensive. Pull ups can be tough to do at first, if you’re having trouble, try to start on your knees instead of hanging and pull yourself up from there. And don’t worry, you’ll be doing “real” pull ups in no time!
Exercise #3 – Squats
Squats are one of the very best exercises out there. They’re the best exercise for building muscle in your legs and they really work to strengthen your core. To perform squats stand with your feet shoulder width apart and with your arms sticking out straight. Slowly lower your butt to the floor until your thighs are parallel to the ground and then push off your heels and squeeze the muscles in your butt to return to your starting position.

Those are my top 3 exercises to build muscle without weight [], they’ve worked awesome for me and I’m sure they’ll work great for you too. These exercises work great, but they’re not what used to transform my body from a wimpy 150lbs to big and muscular 185lbs.
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