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Diet and Nutrition Plans: 4 Dangerous Mistakes You Don’t Even Know Your Making

Have you ever tried to lose weight or burn fat, put all the necessary work in, stuck to the plan, and still didn’t see the promised results? Well, don’t worry because you’re NOT alone and 99% of the time it’s not your fault. Most people who get on board with diet and nutrition programs, unbeknownst to them are making vital mistakes that are costing them the very results they desire.

If you don’t catch on to these nasty little habits early enough, they’ll make sure your dream body stays out of reach. A lot of the time this causes people to give up completely on their goals and that’s the LAST thing anyone wants to happen. So to make sure it doesn’t, lets break down the 4 most disastrous mistakes you should avoid making on your diet and nutrition program.

 Mistake #1: You’re Not Sleeping Enough
 One of the worst things you could do to yourself when trying to lose weight is to deprive yourself of sleep. Your body does miraculous things when your eye’s are closed and when you don’t give it adequate enough time to do its job, you’ll pay the price with interest.
Our culture has glorified the idea of all nighters and running on fumes but we negligently look over their consequences. When you’re running low on rest and racking up that sleep debt, you’re triggering your metabolism to slow down and creating a hormonal imbalance that will urge you to eat more.

Solution: Make Sleep a Priority
We need to make sure we’re getting a minimum of seven and a half hours of sleep a night, if you’re not, adjust your schedule till you do. To make sure your sleep is effective:
· Set a bedtime and stick to it
· Make sure your room is as dark as possible
· Set the temp to 65 degrees
· Lock your doors and windows
· Cycle out clean sheets every three days
· Avoid caffeine and alcohol close to bedtime
And most importantly create a calming before-bed routine that is entirely your own.

Mistake #2: Eliminating Entire Categories of Macros From Your Diet
A lot of the popular trend diet and nutrition programs boast about severely limiting entire categories’ of macronutrients if not completely eliminating them. If you don’t know, your body relies on macronutrients (Proteins, Carbohydrates, and Fats) for energy and they’re imperative to growth, brain function, metabolism, and a number of other body functions.
When you remove them from your diet your denying your body the nutrients it needs to survive and the repercussions can be sickening, you’re likely to experience:

· Serious vitamin deficiencies
· Depression
· High Cholesterol
· Dehydration
· Constipation
· Fatigue
· Headaches
· Muscle cramps
· Catabolic muscle loss 

In serious cases its even lead to heart disease and an increased risk of several different types of cancer.

Solution: Eat Smart
Instead of bouncing around from one extreme to another, create a well-rounded diet. If you have no idea where to begin, I suggest you figure out what your goal is and then look around online for a macro nutrient calculator. There all over the place and can give you a good idea of how much of each you should be consuming on a daily basis. Its also important to eat 4 to 5 times a day, usually within thirty minutes of waking and then every 3 hours after that. Make sure to avoid eating large portions after 7 o’clock because this is when your metabolism is at its slowest.
But I do suggest drinking a protein shake before bed to aid in protein synthesis. To make it easier I suggest finding a solid program, but be careful you have to make sure you choose the right one.

Mistake #3: You Skip Breakfast
Whether its because people think they can shave a few pounds by skipping it or they feel they flat out don’t need it, a large majority of our culture skips breakfast. What you need to understand is that when you lay your head down to sleep for 8 plus hours, it’s the longest fast of your day. When you wake up and don’t eat your body goes into starvation mode because it doesn’t know when it’ll eat again. Starvation mode will trigger your body to store your next few meals as fat and will break down muscle tissue to provide energy. All of which is counter intuitive to your fitness goals.

Solution: The Right Meal and The Right Time
You need the perfect blend of Complex Carbs, Protein, and fats. The protein will help curb appetite and aid in muscle growth, the right carbs will provide long lasting sustainable energy, and the fats will help improve brain function.
For example you could make a few scrambled eggs with a side of whole-wheat toast and natural peanut butter. If you’re in a hurry throw a protein shake together that has all of the macros you need or find one that already has the levels you’re looking for.

Mistake #4: Too Much Exercise
Believe it or not you can over exercise and lucky for you, if done properly, less is more in this department. Proper exercise goes hand in hand with a Diet and Nutrition Program, but a lot of people over compensate. If you’re in the gym 5 or 6 days a week you’re overdoing it. You have to give your muscles time to rest and recuperate and this rest is as important as the exercise itself. If you don’t it can lead to injury, poor sleep and insomnia, depression, anxiety, irritably, and a number of other unnecessary side effects.

Solution: Quality over Quantity
You have to remember its 80% nutrition and 20% exercise so back your gym time down to 3 or 4 times a week and spend the extra time shopping and preparing smart meals for yourself.
As far as exercise, focus on strength training and weightlifting, don’t go over and hour, and target two muscle groups a day. I suggest;

· Chest and Back day + ab workouts
· Leg and Shoulder day + HIIT cardio
· Biceps and Triceps day + ab workouts
· Off days – casual cardio – keep your heart rate up

I hope you can use this to eliminate some of the problems in your way and get you closer to your goals. For more information – and to download my Free: Beginners Guide to Body Transformation head to

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Low Calorie Chicken Casserole Recipe

Casserole recipes are recipes that are usually referred to a one-dish meal that basically contain cooked meats, fish, poultry, eggs and vegetables and bound with soup or sauce. They are actually cooked using the casserole dish thus where the name came from. This cooking method became very popular especially among the Americans during the 1950’s thereon when the dish was first introduced to the consumers from a simple light-weight metal.
Now it has evolved into different materials such as glass, enamel, and stoneware to name a few. With this development, recipes of so many variations came up for everyone’s satisfaction.

Varieties of low calorie recipes were introduced depending on every persons requirement. The usual low calorie intake per day consists of 1500 to 1800 kcal. Normally, calorie intake varies, 1940 kcal for women and 2550 kcal for men. These calories are then burned into energy and the excess intake become fat.
There are considerable factors that affects the daily calorie needs of a person. These are age, weight, height, the composition of the body and the daily activity. Low- calorie diet should always be upon the doctor’s recommendation.
Regular food are usually eliminated and a meal replacement is recommended. This is why there are recipes now that are low in calories but are regular sight in our dining table especially for health conscious family. One casserole recipe that I usually prepare for my family is the low- calorie Chicken Casserole, Filipino way.

Low Calorie Chicken Casserole

  • 1.5 lbs chicken breast (skinless), diced
  • 2 medium size potatoes, diced
  • 2 medium size carrots, diced
  • 1 medium size turnip, diced
  • 1 each green and red bell pepper, chopped
  • 1 large onion, chopped
  • 4 cloves garlic, crushed
  • ⅛ cup tomato paste
  • 1 tbsp parsley, chopped
  • 1 tbsp paprika
  • 1 bay leaf
  • 1 liter chicken stock
  • 4 tbsp olive oil
  • salt and pepper to taste

In a mixing bowl or dish, mix all together the chicken, paprika, salt and pepper. Heat olive oil in a casserole or a large sauce pan and place the seasoned chicken. Cook for 5-10 minutes until chicken turned brown. Remove chicken and set aside. Saute onion and garlic on the same casserole until the onions are translucent. Add the chopped green pepper and parsley then the tomato paste. Mix well and cook for 3 to 4 minutes more.

Return the chicken to the casserole. Gradually add the chicken stock. Add all the vegetables and stir them all together and cook over a low heat for about 20 minutes or until chicken and vegetables are done. Garnish with parsley and serve immediately with plain rice.

Makes 5 – 6 servings
Every 100 grams of chicken breast is equivalent to 116 kcal. This casserole recipe have 700 grams chicken breast and therefore has 812 kcal. Taking into account the added vegetables, it is still in conformity with a low calorie diet which is supposed to be 1500 -1800 calories per day depending on a person’s needs and doctor’s advice.

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3 Fat-Burning Metabolism Boosting Wonder Foods

It might seem surprising but there are foods that help quicken your metabolic rate. People who have tried dieting and failed should instead try consuming these fat burning foods. Diets are exhausting, they make your irritable and disinterested with life. Most people give up after a few weeks or months of trying to staying off rich and high calorie food. Often dieters end up with rapid weight gain when they stop dieting.

Foods that burn fat are like gold. They make the process of losing weight more enjoyable and fun. Watch the fat melt off your tummy and hips. The weight loss is also long-term. It is not surprising that people even doubt the presence of such foods. They think it is also some marketing gimmick.

There are certain foods that give your metabolism a boost. They trigger the release of hormones which tend to burn off fat. Now don’t think that just because you know these fat burning foods you can eat anything and expect to lose weight. No, they are part of an overall healthy diet which helps you to become healthy person overall while losing weight. There is whole program that teaches first timers how to use these foods intelligently to lose weight and keep it off.

Let’s check out the foods that aid in burning fat
Broccoli – It is wonder food containing Sulforaphane. This nutrient present in broccoli which is very similar to the natural enzyme present in the body that instructs fat to burn. So consuming more broccoli in your daily diet helps in burning off the excess fat around your belly area. Broccoli is tasty consumed as a salad or as a side dish with any meat dish.

AvocadosEvery body loves this wonder food. Rich in fat it was long considered fattening and shunned by those who dieted. The opposite is true. It actually helps cells to burn off fat. It boosts cell metabolism as the anti-oxidants present in avocado actually inhibit cell damage. Mexicans in the South had the right idea when they included Avocado in their daily diet. It’s delicious in guacamole or in smoothie. It works well as bread spread too. It’s great in dips and sauces too.

Almonds – Almonds have long been considered as food which boosts brain power, memory and overall health. For generations folks ate almonds to keep themselves healthy. Almonds can be eaten with skin. It helps build muscle and reduces craving for fat. It boosts cell metabolism too.

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Low Calorie, High Energy Foods

It’s very important to watch your calorie intake while trying to lose weight. The most common problem, however, is when cutting calories you typically are cutting out sources of energy. The key is to find low calorie foods that can provide you enough energy to stay active. Below are a list of foods that are exactly that – low calorie, high energy.

Oatmeal. Oatmeal is a great source of fiber. It’s also low in fat and low in calories. Studies show oatmeal has great cardiovascular benefits. It’s ability to lower your bad cholesterol and increase your good cholesterol decreases many risks of heart disease. Try to eat organic oatmeal with low sugar for best results. Use nonfat milk versus low-fat to add calcium and don’t be afraid to add mixed berries or banana’s for added taste.

Yogurt. Yogurt is an excellent source of calcium. Calcium is good for bone strength and helps boost your immune system to keep you infection free. The prohibotics and bacilli in yogurt helps maintain your digestive system and intestinal track. Remember to consume nonfat or low-fat yogurt for lower calories and fat. Again, add mixed berries or banana’s for added taste and health benefits.

Spinach. Spinach has many health benefits. Spinach is often referred to as the vegetable with super healing powers. It’s full of vitamins and antioxidants and other disease fighting properties. It’s a great source of fiber and vitamin C.

These three low calorie, high energy foods are just a few suggestions to consider. Fish like salmon, tuna and sardines are excellent sources of omega-3 fatty acids which have major cardiovascular benefits. Fish is low calorie, low fat, and typically high in protein for much needed energy.

Tip of the day. Try to eat your vegetable and fruits in a “raw state”. When vegetables are cooked they lose a majority of their nutrients. The best way to do this is by using a high speed blender to liquefy the fruits and vegetables for easier consumption. If mixed right, it usually taste great.

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Why You Should Eat the Parsley Left on Your Plate

Apart from being a very good digestive aid, neutralizer, skin cleanser treatment, and mild perfume, the pretty looking green herb may also hold a certain amount of useful anti-cancer and anti-oxidant properties too.

Antioxidants – consist of: beta-carotene, quercetin, vitamin C, and flavonoids ([polyphenols] a structural class of natural and synthetic or semi-synthetic organic chemicals that have anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-viral properties which help the body’s small blood vessels and connective tissues to stay healthy).
Apigenin, chrysoeroil and luteolin (anti-oxidants found in parsley) may help the immune system to protect against the development of certain types of cancer.

Recent Studies – have shown that parsley’s strong anti-cancer properties are effective against various types of cancer, such as: cervical and ovarian, leukemia, and pancreatic. Anti-cancer properties work by interfering with, and hindering the cancer cells ability to both develop and metastasize (spread) throughout the body, reducing the risk of tumor development.

Studies have also shown that both apigenin and luteolin have a very good chemopreventive effect on the carcinogenic compounds ([heterocyclic amines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons] chemical compounds that trigger cancer in both humans and animals by altering the chemical structure of DNA molecules) that can be found in certain meats when cooked under high temperatures (usually well done cooked meats).

Luteolin has had a certain degree of success in fighting various hormonal cancers, such as: breast cancer, thyroid cancer, and prostate cancer, as has chrysoeroil, another flavonoid that can be found in parsley. Because of recent positive studies, luteolin is now being considered as a potential contender to help fight the development of breast cancer.

Other Beneficial Properties – are that parsley also contains falcorinol (a polyacetylene) which has the effect of reducing cancer cell growth, along with the ability to actually kill off the cells. Chlorophyll (the green pigment found within parsley’s structure) has also shown the ability to neutralize the carcinogens (the harmful agents that cause cancer and promote tumors) that are encountered on a daily basis through pollution and other sources.

Another beneficial property of parsley is the strong presence of vitamin K, together with myristicin (a natural organic compound and chemopreventive) that can be found in its volatile oil, and which is believed to increase the activity of glutathione (a major neutralizer and anti-oxidant) that can be found within the body.

Conclusion – If recent studies are anything to go by, not just parsley, but many other herbs that hold similar qualities will begin to be used in the fight against cancer. Parsley, although a decorative herb, should actually be eaten along with the other greens on the plate and not just left behind, as it is packed with goodness, and rather tasty to the palate.

Philip is a Freelance Writer, Author, and Owner of Cancer Cry. He was born in Oxfordshire, England; however, today he lives in Mexico where he has been based for many years, researching and writing about cancer and other health related issues. If you would like to read more of his articles, check out his website – – and at the same time, please recommend his website to others. Thank you for reading Philip’s articles!

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Does Exercise Help Prevent Cancer?

Exercise could be considered to be one of the best alternative medicines known to man, something that can be self-inflicted upon the body by its owner as and when desired.
However, this being said and done, many of us do not realize the full potential that just a 30 minute daily workout (something which does not have to be done all at the same time) may actually bring to the body.

Not only does exercise give us a great looking body, but it also has other hidden benefits too. There are many theories as to these hidden benefits which are said to help prevent and conquer many diseases that are designed to damage and destroy the structure of the body’s organs.

These theories include:
1. The immune system is strengthened with the use of exercise, which in turn may actually stop many forms of cancer in its tracks. It is considered that a strong immune system can fight off disease in general.
2. The excretory system, and intestine actions are greatly increased by exercise, resulting in harmful substances that enter the body being excreted faster, thus not giving sufficient time for cancer cells to develop and take a hold on the body.
3. Usually people who exercise tend to be more conscious about their life-style habits. These may include, maintaining a well balanced and healthy diet which in turn greatly cuts down the risk of over consumption that in many cases can cause obesity, and other health related problems. Obesity is a known contributor to the development of cancer.
4. Exercise also increases the blood flow to the heart, at the same time strengthening the heart’s contractions so as it is able to pump blood around the body easier. This can be a major factor in combating heart related diseases.

Regular Exercise:
If one does not have time to go to the gym, then many exercises can actually be preformed while at work, on the way to work, or on the way back home, and may not actually need to infringe on one’s daily life-style. For example:

1. Walking or cycling to and from work are great cardiovascular exercises that tend to keep down the obesity factor.
2. Taking the stairs instead of the lift to the second or third floor is another great exercise. If work is done on the top floor, then the lift can be taken part of the way until such times when the stairs can be taken all the way.
3. Shopping locally, as a walk to the shops together with carrying the groceries back home are also great exercises that will go towards the 30 minute daily routine.

So Yes! Exercise does actually help prevent many forms of cancer from developing.

Philip is a Freelance Writer, Author, and Owner of Cancer Cry. He was born in Oxfordshire, England; however, today he lives in Mexico where he has been based for many years, researching and writing about cancer and other health related issues. If you would like to read more of his articles, check out his website – – and at the same time, please recommend his website to others. Thank you for reading Philip’s articles!

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What’s Weight Loss Meal Plans?

You may have already heard of weight loss meal plans, but may not be entirely sure of what they are all about. That is understandable, especially when you consider that they are often used as part of a diet or sometimes just as a way to help promote a healthier lifestyle. Either way, weight loss meal plans offer a way to reduce fat, carbs, and calorie intake in a way that is easy to follow, which is why they are so effective.

The way in which the plans are laid out is usually dependent on the person creating it and what they hope to achieve. The weight loss meal plan may be as simple as a list of fruits, proteins, starches, and vegetables that need to be consumed on a daily basis, or they may be more complex and contain recipes, grocery lists, menus, and a host of other information that is relevant to your weight loss plan.

There is no such thing as a weight loss plan that is “one size fits all,” as they have to be customized to suit your own specific needs and tastes. For example, you may have a plan that is free from certain foods to which you are allergic, or which contains foods that your kids will like, too.

A good place to start with your plan is to set up a calendar of meals for the whole month, as this will allow you to shop accordingly for the foods that you need. It also gives you ample time to look up new recipes or create meal ideas around some of your favorite healthy foods. Experts within the weight loss community tend to agree that having a weight loss meal plan in place often leads to better results in both the long and short term.

One thing to keep in mind when putting a plan like this together is to stay aware of your daily caloric intake, not to mention the food budget that you have available to you. The easiest way to stick to the number of calories you need is to exercise portion control and make sure that you go with a healthy balanced diet.
This is the hardest part of planning for many people, but the good news is that there are meal planning services out there that will put together a plan for you and even deliver the food to your door on a weekly or monthly basis. It’s a good deal more expensive than simply doing it on your own, but if you have an incredibly busy schedule, it may be your best bet.

If you really want to lose weight and keep it off over the long haul, you need to have a plan in place. You certainly wouldn’t go on a road trip without having a set of directions or a map to follow, so don’t try to get on the road to weight loss without giving it that same consideration.

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How To Overcome Panic And Anxiety With Exercise

In our stressful world, many suffer from severe stress that can even cause panic and anxiety for some. Some don’t even know they are already suffering from panic and anxiety. There are available treatments and medications for this kind of case, but not many people go to a doctor for help.

If you suspect that you may be having some panic and anxiety attacks, there are some things you can do to overcome them. One very effective way is actually quite simple. Regular exercise has actually been proven to help relieve panic and anxiety attacks. There are even some exercises psychologists and therapists use to treat their patients.

Built to move
Our bodies are designed to move. People who lack physical activity have a lot of unused energy and this causes physical tension. These people are more likely to have cramps and stiff muscles in different parts of their bodies. Usually doctors will not find anything wrong and blame it all on stress. These physical discomforts cause them to then have some mental tension and the problem begins.

The only way to relieve you of all these physical and mental tensions is to start moving and using all that stored up energy in your body. You can be surprised how breaking out a sweat can make you feel so much better. The result may not be instant but with regular exercise, things will get better.

Beat the Stress
Many people consider stress as part of our everyday lives. Many people find it tolerable. But for some sensitive people stress can be very depressing and can affect their way of thinking and behavior. Stress is not something you should take for granted. As soon as you feel stressed, you should find ways to relax and get out of it immediately.
Our body releases a hormone called Cortisol whenever we feel stress. It is proven that the only way to stop the development of Cortisol in the body is through movement. When we exercise or do some physical activity when we are stressed, Cortisol is lowered and our body begins to relax.

Create Balance
Panic and anxiety also affects a person’s health. Many sicknesses today can be traced back to high stress level living. When a person is stressed or depressed, the immune system becomes unbalanced and the person becomes more prone to sickness. Exercise is a good start to stress management without using any medication. It helps balance the body’s immune system bringing stress levels down.

Be Active
The best way to keep your mind and body healthy is to live an active lifestyle. Being a couch potato all day or even sitting in the office every single day will not help you relax. All your unused energy will just build up and stress you up.
Do some brisk walking from one errand to the next. Use the stairs when you can. Try some stationary jogging for a few minutes a day. Take the dog for a walk. Find ways to move your body and feel more alive.

Exercise Helps you Relax
Studies show that exercise has some effects similar to anxiety medications. When we work out the brain releases endorphins or natural pain relievers and this soothes any stress related physical tension. And when the physical tension is gone, the mental tension is eased as well.

Sleep Better
Another big help that exercise does is that you will be able to sleep better after a workout. Exercise is tiring and when the body feels tired, it naturally needs rest. This promotes sound sleep. And when we sleep, the body gets a chance to recharge and repair itself. By morning you will feel more relaxed and stress free.

Enjoy Yourself
Lastly, when choosing an exercise for you to do everyday, find something that you will enjoy doing. Otherwise your work out will be more of a burden than something relaxing. Go for yoga, swimming, dancing, tennis or anything that you would look forward to doing again. This way you find a recreational activity and overcome your panic and anxiety attacks as well.

Of course if you feel you cannot stick to your exercise tips alone, try starting an activity with your friends. Join an aerobics class or go cycling together. A little moral support and of course companionship while starting your new active lifestyle will help you achieve your goal.

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Starting a Fat Burning Diet – Lose Weight Quickly and Boost Your Immune System

Are you looking for a fat burning diet that will not only help you lose weight but will also load your body up with antioxidants? You can find this by eating a low fat diet and consuming green tea. Unlike other teas, green tea has antioxidants and has been proven to be good for you. If you are having a hard time losing weight, you need to try something that will actually work. Being overweight is both physically and psychologically harmful to your health.

A fat burning diet is designed to get rid of excess body fat that will cause obesity. When you drink green tea, it will increase your metabolism so that you burn calories easier. Burning calories is the way to lose weight. The green tea breaks down the fat in your system and burns it easily. Although green tea contains caffeine, it is not the same as the caffeine in coffee and will not make you jittery. For this reason, it is considered to be one of the secrets of a good fat burning diet.

In addition to increasing your metabolism to help you lose weight, using green tea as a fat burning diet is actually good for you. Green tea is loaded with a lot of antioxidants that can keep you healthy. When you combine green tea with a low fat diet, you can lose weight quickly. It is easy to find foods that are high in fat as the content is usually labeled on the foods. Some of the foods that are high in fat include fast foods, anything that is fried or even dairy and cheeses. You should increase the amount of protein that you take in your diet and decrease the amount of fat in your diet.

For example, instead of eating deep fried chicken, eat broiled chicken. You get protein without the excess fat in this way. By learning how to trim it out of your diet and drinking green tea in place of sugared drinks such as sodas, you will find yourself burning fat without really having to drastically alter your lifestyle and go hungry.
Going hungry and trying to starve yourself to lose weight does not work and often backfires as your metabolism begins to shut down. Increasing the metabolism allows for losing weight and you can aid this along by drinking green tea and consuming proteins that the body will use as fuel.

Many people do not even realize that they are consuming excess calories in what they drink. Drinking water is good for the diet and will increase the metabolism, but drinking green tea is even better. If you are a soda drinker, simply cutting out the soda from your diet and switching to green tea can be one way to go on a good fat burning diet.

Green tea has been used for fat burning for years. In addition to drinking it brewed either hot or cold, you can also take green tea capsules that will give you the same effect. By doing this and cutting down on your intake, you will lose the weight you want to lose and be able to keep it off.
Being overweight leads to numerous health problems including heart disease, diabetes and even can be a precursor to some cancers. Going on a low fat diet supplemented with green tea is the best fat burning diet you can choose.

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Reiki Healing For Cancer – 3 Ways That It Can Help

Reiki, the ancient Japanese healing practice, has been credited with offering many health benefits but very few people know that it can also help people who suffer from cancer. This holistic healing style channelizes energy to bring about physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. When it comes to cancer, this spiritual practice cannot treat cancer in any way or even prevent it from happening. In fact, any claims that this is possible should not be believed. However, what Reiki can do for cancer patients is still very useful since it can help people deal with the side effects of the disease.

The most important benefit that Reiki offers is that

1. It helps a person relax: Having cancer is extremely stressful. Not only does the disease come with a lot of pain in many instances but its treatments can also result in a lot of discomfort. Relaxation therapies therefore enable the person to calm down and continue with various treatment protocols. The calm setting of a Reiki clinic is a welcome distraction from the rigors of hospital visits.

2. It brings down pain levels without the need for medication: This healing system helps release endorphin into the blood stream. The ensuing feelings of well being help to bring down pain levels naturally. It is best to reduce dependence on pain killers not just because they are costly but also because they have many negative side effects. As a matter of fact, this healing technique is often used in hospices where it is used to bring relief to patients in the terminal stages of their disease.

3. It improves the confidence of the patient: This enables the person to lead a fairly normal life and to maintain a positive outlook which has been found to aid in recovery. The patient is also motivated to take better care of him- or herself.

It is clear to see that Reiki is very effective as a complimentary therapy whereas it cannot be the main treatment for cancer. As a matter of fact, one should never substitute this or any other holistic healing technique for medical treatment under any circumstance. It is very important to visit a qualified practitioner who has a great deal of experience in dealing with cancer patients because of the seriousness of the situation. While there are many practitioners of this healing technique, it is best to go to a level 3 practitioner for help with cancer.

People suffering from cancer will benefit from complimentary therapies. Locate a good Reiki Phoenix practitioner who can help bring relief for cancer patients.

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